Compute Engine In 5min

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.43.33 PMThis week, we showed in GDL-IL (Google developer live Israel) how to work with google compute engine. Google Compute Engine offers scalable and flexible virtual machine computing capabilities in the cloud. You can solve large scale processing and analytic problems on Google’s computing, storage, and networking infrastructure. It’s also great option to ‘play’ with a server (web service) in the cloud and scale it efficiently. It’s *open for all* and it got some powerful features like:

  • Sub-Hour Billing: Users who wish to save more and get granular billing increments can do it. All instances are charged for in one-minute increments with a ten-minute minimum, so you don’t pay for compute minutes that you don’t use.
  • New shared-core instance types: Compute Engine’s new micro and small instance types are designed as a cost-effective option for running small workloads that don’t need a lot of CPU power, like development and test workloads.
  • Larger Persistent Disks: You can attach up to 10 terabytes of persistent disk to a Compute Engine virtual machine, giving you plenty of persistent storage for a wide variety of applications.
  • Advanced Routing Capabilities: Compute Engine now supports software-defined routing capabilities based on our broad SDN innovation. These capabilities are designed to handle your advanced network routing needs like configuring instances to function as:
    • Gateways
    • VPN servers
    • And any other systems that span your local network and Google’s cloud.

This tutorial touch the main steps. Enjoy.

The 5 easy steps to have a new machine

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console.
  2. Select your desired project to enable Google Compute Engine.
  3. Click on Create Project.
  4. Activate Google Compute Engine – Click on Compute Engine to activate the service.
  5. Set up billing – Google Compute Engine will prompt you to set up billing before you can use the service.


You can now ssh to your machine and start building your project. For more details you can checkout this ‘hello world/compute engine‘ document.


One thought on “Compute Engine In 5min

  1. Enrique Puebla says:

    Is it possible to access “Google Compute Engine” from Cuba?

    When I try to access “Google Cloud Console” returns me the error 403 with the following:

    “Your client does not Have permission to get URL / console from this server. That’s all we know.”

    Best regards.

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