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Google Cloud Platform – App Engine and Beyond

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.43.33 PMFew minutes ago we finish a great event in Campus TLV. We had the pleasure to have Dr Peter Magnusson (Director of Engineering for App Engine at Google) and Greg DeMichillie (Director Product Management, Cloud Platform at Google). For the ones, that do not know what is GAE: Google App Engine is a complete development stack that uses familiar technologies to build and host applications on the same infrastructure used at Google. It is used by some of the world most successful and demanding global applications such as SnapChat and Khan Academy. We also cover Google Compute Engine which allows everyone to Run large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure. I’ve spoke about Google Cloud Endpoint and you can watch the full talk on my project’s site.

Ido talking in the campus on cloud

This is the raw recording form the event of all three talks. I hope to have an edited version soon…


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