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Raspberry Pi And Google Coder #socool

The Web is awesome and this week I had the pleasure to play with a new ‘face’ of the web platform. It’s built for Raspberry Pi and you can take it as far as your imagination will let you.


Coder is a very cool project that aim to be a simple way to make web stuff on Raspberry Pi. Short and sweet. It is also an experiment for Raspberry Pi that give you a free piece of software that turns a Raspberry Pi into a simple, personal web server and web-based development environment. Basically, all that you need, for crafting HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.  Plus, it’s an open-source project so you could fork it and learn from the source on

You can start using it with 3 easy steps

  1. Download the image file and flash a 4Gb SD card
  2. Pop it into your Pi and turn it on. You won’t notice too much difference to a standard installation whilst it’s booting, but you’ll end up at the prompt ‘coder login:
  3. Open a browser on any computer on the same network as the Pi and type ‘http://coder.local‘ into the address bar.

Or just watch this short intro

This is the Raspberry Pi after your connect the power, SD card and network cable


Rasbary pi with coder - 2back


Rasbary pi with coder - front

It’s not the best photos I’ve taken… but at least something, no?

I hope to record a short screencast that will show you step by step how to start and code on your new gadget. Btw, if you thinking on some use-cases, please share them. I thought it could be a great device for:

  • Education – You can set up few devices and start hacking with kids on cool web apps.
  • Self made “Office fridge wall” – Well, all you need is some cool web app (e.g. and let all your friend in the office go wild.
  • Conferences: Important information on where is the closest pub, tweet/G+ wall, weather information etc’. Here is a quick demo page I’ve built in 28sec. Its short code is below.
[gist 6662871]

Have fun hacking!


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