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Google Cloud And Mobile Web

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Two talks in one day…

That’s what I did yesterday for Google Developer Group (GDG) Athens, Greece. It was a great opportunity to talk about the new cool aspects of google cloud platform (Yep, checkout things like: NodeJS on Compute Engine, App engine new support for technologies, Monte Carlo Simulations with App Script, Cloud storage, Big Query and many more). We talked for the first 25min on the new aspects of developing mobile web sites (and/or mobile web apps). In one word – go check out Of course, there are many more aspects that are in the slides, so feel free to browse them and please let me know if I’ve missed something important that you are using in your mobile web project.

Google Cloud

In these slides, there are many ‘words’ so you could ‘read’ it even if no one is walking you on the story here. In many slides, I’ve added links to good resources that will let you go deeper on a subject that you wish to learn. I hope to have a recording of this talk, because there are many more aspects for each slide.

Mobile Web

It’s an updated version of a talk that I gave in the past. If you find some important ‘missing’ tools, frameworks etc’ – please share.


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