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HTML5 On Mobile

Chrome love HTML5This week we are hosting a lot of developers at Campus TLV. The goal of these talks is (mainly) to harness developers with knowledge and tools they can use today in their current jobs. We lucky to host developers from few government’s organizations. In their case, there are many special regulations that need to be accommodate, so we wish to give them practical tips/tools they can use in order to build open RESTFul APIs and modern web apps. It’s no secret that there is a lot of interesting data that only the government produce.
I hope that movements like will flourish around the world quickly.

The slides contain links to live demos that you can play with and view the code.

The executive summary of the slides

Other good reading on HTML5 and mobile browsers in the real world is from the (great) dudes of 37-signals:
hybrid-sweet-spot-native-navigation-web-content with their mobile application. It’s never black or white in the real world and in their use cases, they bring up some great points to consider.

Be strong.







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