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HTML5 & CSS3 Tools

I’ve meet with a very cool startup over the weekend. It was interesting to listen and learn from them what is ‘cool’ in their technology world. However, I got the feeling that they are missing some of the new capabilities that the web platform has to offer. I’ve pointed them to some known resources like: , MDN site etc’. But it seems better to try and get a list of tools or pointers that any developer could browse and pick from. So here is an alpha version of the list. It’s split to subjects like: design phase, testing phase etc’ just to keep it a bit more useful.



CSS3 Frameworks

I like the first two… They are very powerful and after you get some experience with them, it will save you a lot of time.


Why reinvent the wheel again and again? Let’s the boilerplates do the hard work for you.

Btw, check out as it can save you a lot of time with its brothers:

  • Grunt – used to build, preview and test your project by using tasks curated by the Yeoman team & grunt-contrib.
  • Bower – used for dependency management, so that you no longer have to manually download and manage your scripts. Think of it as the npm for the client side.

Rapid Prototyping

It’s a good way to hack something quickly and with one of these tools, to be able to share it with your team.

Best practices



  • – A good way to check how your work is looking on older browsers (e.g. IE9-)
  • Selenium and its mobile option Remote Web Driver.
  • MVC provides separation of concerns. So you can use frameworks like Qunit – test your models.




Misc / Last tips

Psst… If you think I’ve missed an important tool/resource/site – please feel free to use the comments or just fork this gist.
Thank you!


3 thoughts on “HTML5 & CSS3 Tools

    • greenido says:

      Thank you Yarden.
      I hope to have time in the next 2-3 weeks to write a full post on IDEs / text editors and workflow in general.

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