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2014 World Cup Matches And Results

brazil 2014 world cupThe world cup is the biggest sporting event on the planet. During the last world cup in 2010, 3.2 billion people watched at least one of the games. As I know, many groups are going to ‘make it interesting’ by placing bets on the results, I thought it would be good to have all the data on a spreadsheet. Google sheets are ideal for that as they offer a great ability to share, comment and ‘play’ with the data. You can see the demo spreadsheet: and fork the code from:

For now, we are fetching the info from these end points:

and they are updated every minute.



Improvements ideas

  1. Integration with BigQuery to give more stats on each match vs historic worlds cap.
  2. Fetch more data (e.g. bets, weather conditions to help find formula(s) to make prediction.
  3. Create a UI that will merge: and #1 outputs.

Special thanks to the good people of who created the API. Btw, if you have a cool idea for projects that will be based on this spreadsheet… Please share.


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