Google I/O 2014 – What’s interesting in the cloud?

google-io-logo 2014-06-24 14.30.42This year there are many interesting sessions on Google Cloud. Here are some that I think you might enjoy watching the live stream (or jump into the room if you are at Moscone center). There are many more great sessions, so the best advice is to check the schedule and plan in advance which one you wish to follow live. You can always catch the other sessions later on channel.

Day 1 (June 25 2014)

  • Containerizing the Cloud with Docker on Google Cloud Platform: learn how containers are re-making the cloud computing landscape and see how Google Cloud Platform is making itself the best place to run container images. You will get a first look at Kubernetes, the new open source container cluster management implementation that turns these concepts into reality.
  • Making your cloud apps Google-fast: You will see a live demo with tips on “how to build”. This talk will provide a deeper insight on how to get the best performance out of all of your cloud resources, from Persistent Disk performance to Cloud Datastore writes and beyond.
  • Zero to hero with Google Cloud Platform: You will learn the basic building blocks of the Cloud Platform in the context of solving real-world problems from a developer’s point of view. As a bonus, you will see what is up and coming as new services in Google cloud platform.
  • Big data, the Cloud way: Accelerated and simplified: This talk will show you how you can combine managed services, where it makes sense, with Open Source tools like Hadoop and Spark on google cloud. It will dive into what you can use today to manage Big Data like Google itself does, “the Cloud way”, as well as how to plan your scale as data needs shift and mature over time.

Day 2 (June 26 2014)

  • Predicting the future with the Google Cloud Platform: Can Brazil be defeated at soccer on their own turf? In this talk, you will find the answer! It will go through the process of data extraction, modeling and prediction as well as generating a live dashboard to visualize the results. Some cool stuff!
  • The dawn of “Fast Data”: In this session we unveil a new system that enables you to rapidly build and execute data pipelines which can be used to ingest huge volumes of streaming data while simultaneously performing continuous, near-real-time analytics.
  • Less code, more services, better Android apps: In this talk, you will learn how to build mobile apps which use new Google technology to simplify data storage, online/offline behavior and synchronization across multiple devices.
  • Taming your cloud applications with intelligent monitoring: This session will show you how you can use Google Cloud Platform’s powerful logging, monitoring, and alerting capabilities to quickly recognize when your applications aren’t behaving or performing well.
  • DevOps at the speed of GoogleThis talk will show you tools and techniques that we provide in our platform for handling complex, global scale operations for extremely high usage services, but which work at your scale no matter how small or large that may be.

Other ways to follow the action

You might also want to follow these hashtags on Google+

  • General news and updates on talks at #io14
  • Specific talks and update on cloud technologies:#docker  and #bigdata.

And on Twitter just point to these type of urls:

Have a great time.


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