Opera Mini to nurse Microsoft’s feature phones through their dying days

Great news for the mobile web.
As Opera jump on Blink few months ago, it will be great to have this powerful engine on Microsoft phones as well.


Opera has inked another deal with Microsoft – after Opera’s full-fat mobile product became the default browser on the Nokia X2 Android handset, Opera Mini will now be the default on Microsoft’s feature phones on the Asha, Series 30+ and Series 40 platforms.

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted a slightly limiting factor in all this: [company]Microsoft[/company] is killing off almost all of these devices — extremely low-end Series 30+ devices like the newly-launched Nokia 130 may survive a while longer — in a push to take Windows Phone towards the bottom of the market.

But it will be a slow death, over the next year and a half or so, and Opera will be there for their twilight, gently shoving the currently-default Xpress Browser to the side.

“Users will begin to receive notifications on their phone starting October 2014, providing them with information on how to upgrade from…

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