DLD TLV And Frontend Development (In Hebrew)

Screenshot 2014-09-16 20.25.37Today, I’m going to be at DLD TLV – if you are around…

Please come to say hello.

Short update on two new projects

In the past few weeks I’ve started two new project that their goal is to help front-end developers that like to stay with hebrew. I know it is not the majority but it is worth doing for the ones that can become better and currently got the language barrier.

The first project is a new blog:

Luckily, Ran Tavory is helping and it’s starting to shape into something interesting.
If you got a topic (e.g. WebRTC, DevTools, Angular etc’) to share with developers and you wish to do it in hebrew – Please join us.

Screenshot 2014-09-16 20.27.46

The second project is Web Fundamentals – This is an existing project not only due to its amazing scale and outreach, but also, because it’s easy for you to join the effort.

You can contribute to this github repo and help us translate all the articles to hebrew.

Screenshot 2014-09-16 20.30.11Open source is so cool.


2 thoughts on “DLD TLV And Frontend Development (In Hebrew)

  1. Hello Ido, why did you close the comment on your post about node.js and devTools? It is quite an impressive piece of work. Thanks to you I managed eventually to understand the topic. I am putting together a story on my own blog about using devTools to debug code while running it with Mocha. Your post will be the first external source that I will mention. Thank you!!!

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