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3 Principals To Increase Revenue In Games

1. Focus on the users that love to play

You wish to promote certain items (e.g. gems, levels, arms etc’) at the right situation for the ‘heavy gamers’. It is these gamers that spend the big bucks, just have one look at the graph below to appreciate it. The challenge is to identify these players and to find the right situations. Check your analytic tools to find out segments of users that are out of the normal distribution curve. In the graph below you can see an illustration for what we wish. Focus on the all the Whales.

game-users-whales 2015-05-29 12.33.04

2. Big discounts to potential paid users

Offer an item with a big discount only to potential paid users. This could help you earn more from users that, in a normal case, you won’t see any money. It might also boost your ability to convert them to stay as paid users. The challenge is to segment these users and control the exposure of this discount. Here in the report below (btw, you can get it in from Google Analytics) you can track down these users and create a segment for them. If you wish to learn more on how to A/B test you assumptions with Google Analytic here is post on the topic: A/B testing with google analytic

users-flow 2015-05-29 12.31.44

3. Ads for non-paying users

Use Ads for non-paying users. There are many examples to this model, think on games like “Angry birds free” where you see a banner while you play. It’s not the best UX but users understand that this is something that needs to be there in order to help the developer pay the rent. The challenge is to blend the ads and protect the experience so these users will still love to play. For example, in an education game for kids you might choose to avoid ads. As you can see in the image below, users love FREE but it should not lead to less revenue.

free-vs-paid-apps 2015-05-29 12.32.02

If you wish to read more on the power of Google Analytics and how to leverage it to monetize better here are few posts:

So go build something cool and make money.


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