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Sublime Text 2/3 – Packages And Shortcuts


I always start with the one package that allow to stay in sublime and improve it quickly:

Next on the line is the option to make our editor a bit more friendly with: SublimeCodeIntel It’s A full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine for Sublime Text. Few of the technologies that are supported:
JavaScript, SCSS, Python, HTML, Ruby, Python3, XML, HTML5, Perl, CSS, Node.js, Tcl, TemplateToolkit and (of course) PHP.
From here there are many options.
Few the I’ve found useful:

  • Git
  • Emmet
  • Terminal
  • ColorPicker
  • SublimeREPL
  • LiveReload – Make your life easier with this live reload ability. It will save you a lot of clicks on the ‘reload’ button (or cmd+r).
  • MarkdownPreview – I love markdown and this one is making me more productive with it.
  • JSLint – If you are writing some javascript, this one is a must.
  • DocBlockr – Create a new documentation block with a quick click. And yes, it will extract that function’s parameter information and pre-fill it in your documentation block. nice, no?
  • Soda Theme – just to keep up with the cool kids on the block.

Client-side libraries

  • Foundation – A collection of snippets to build Foundation5 framework components such as the Buttons, Tabs, and Navigation.
  • Bootstrap 3 – If you prefer Bootstrap, try this.
  • jQuery Mobile – A collection of snippets to build jQuery Mobile components and layouts.
  • HTML5 Boilerplate – this snippet lets you create HTML5 Boilerplate documents in a snap.

Specific server-side technologies support

PHP – Sublime PHP Companion and you might want to try SublimeAllAutocomplete as well because of its ability to register the names of all symbols (functions, classes, variables etc’). Also, you need a good SublimeLinter PHP – just to make sure your code is in best readable way.

For NodeJS – Check these settings.



⌘T Goto file
⌘⌃P Goto project
⌘R Goto methods
⌃G Goto line
⌘K B toggle sidebar
⌘⇧P command prompt.
You can also jump to symbols: To quickly jump to specific symbols, hold down ⌘P to open up a search field. Type in your symbol and press enter.
⌘⇧N new window (useful for new project)


⌘L select line and repeat it to select next lines.
⌘D select a word. You can repeat select others occurrences and in one time edit all of them at once. This feature gives you the ability to have Multiple cursors: You can edit multiple lines of code simultaneously very easily by holding down Cmd (ctrl for Windows) and then clicking different lines with your mouse.
⌃⇧M select content into brackets
⌘⇧↩         insert a line before
⌘↩ intert a line after
⌃⇧K delete line
⌘KK delete from cursor to end of line
⌘K⌫ delete from cursor to start of line
⌘⇧D duplicate line(s)
⌘J join lines
⌘KU upper case
⌘KL lower case
⌘ / comment
⌘⌥ / block comment
⌘Y redo or repeat
⌘⇧V past and ident
⌃ space autocomplete (repeat to select next suggestion)
⌃M jump to matching brackets
⌘U soft undo (movement undo)
⌘⇧U soft redo (movement redo)
⌘F find
⌘⌥F replace
⌘⌥G find next occurrence of current word
⌘⌃G select all occurrences of current word for multiple editing
⌘⇧F find in files
⌘⌥1 single column
⌘⌥2 two columns
⌘⌥5 grid (4 groups)
⌃[1,2,3,4] focus group
⌃⇧[1,2,3,4] move file to group
⌘[1,2,3…] select tab. Btw you can also, reopen closed tabs. you just press Shift +Cmd + T (or Shift + ctrl + T on Windows).
⌘F2 toggle bookmark
F2 next bookmark
⇧F2 previous bookmark
⌘⇧F2 clear bookmarks
⌘K space set mark
⌘KW delete from cursor to mark
⌘KA select from cursor to mark
⌘KG clear mark

Screenshot 2015-05-13 18.04.39


  • Discussions on this topic over at Hacker News.
  • A quick and easy way to pass all your settings from one machine to another is by copying the ‘User’ directory.
  • A good tutorial with lots of short videos

Btw, if you have any suggestion, please feel free.


3 thoughts on “Sublime Text 2/3 – Packages And Shortcuts

  1. aminadavg says:

    Thank you for you post.
    I have many suggestions.
    1. Command edit-command-plate plugin. It let you adding new “commands” to sublime. Useful for automation of things.
    2. Download Sublime Portable. And put in you Google Drive folder. This way you can backup everything and use same Sublime settings and many machines.
    3. SFTP plugin works great.

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