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Make Your Site Faster

We know that users prefer websites and applications that work fast. There is a lot of evidence that link performance to revenue. Let’s see what are main parts of the user experience that relate to the perception of ‘speed’ and how we can improve it.

RAIL performance model

RAIL is a user-centric performance model. Every web app has these four distinct aspects to its life cycle, and performance fits into them in very different ways. You can see in the image below the 4 main aspects and what are the time limits to each stage.

The RAIL model for performance


  • Focus on the user – the end goal isn’t to make your site perform fast on any specific device, it’s to ultimately make users happy.
  • Respond to users immediately  acknowledge user input in under 100ms – In mobile always use touch events and not click events (yep, click events still got this 300ms delay on mobile browsers)
  • Render each frame in under 16ms and aim for consistency. Users notice “jank” because in most cases it will ‘jump’ to their eyes.
  • Keep users engaged – deliver interactive content in under 1000ms.


What does the user feel?

This image below shows us what the (current) science think:

Screenshot 2015-09-18 09.43.06

So the sweet spot will be ~200ms when in most cases users will feel it’s ‘fast’ and we can still do some work.

Tips For Faster Polymer

Screenshot 2015-09-18 11.27.41



3 thoughts on “Make Your Site Faster

  1. rhmd says:

    Speaking of faster sites, I notice that is very fast for a site. Looking through the Chrome Dev Tools Network log on the load, I can’t really tell what you’ve done to make it so fast. Is it just that the Ryu theme has good performance, or have you done something specific to ensure performance? I imagine sites are not the sort of cutting edge front end developer topic that you specialize in. But any advice or tips for faster sites would be much appreciated (such as fastest themes, biggest bottlenecks to avoid, are custom domains slower, etc.).

    • greenido says:

      It’s the theme design that makes it better. That’s the only meaningful tip I can give for as you don’t get any control on aspects that can ‘move the needle’.

      I hope that in the future, will rank themes based on their performance and responsiveness.

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