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Mobile Trends During 2015

Quick stats that shows why it’s a “mobile world”.
Time spend on mobile grows 117% year over year. One quick look at the image below will show that we have a new form factor that is taking all others in terms of growth.



Phablets are rocking

Phablets have become the unstoppable media consumption device. What a proof? Check the quarterly form factor distribution forecast (below).
Amazing. In the next 6 quarters, we might be in a place where phablets are 60% of all mobile devices.



The Browsers World

Both charts below shows what is the trend and it’s clear that on desktop Chrome is leading with more than 50%.



On mobile, Chrome is almost at 40% and it’s interesting to see how UC browser (Android browser that is very popular in India) is passing Safari with 18.6% vs 17.9%

StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201501-201512 (1)

Overall, in mobile, we living in a world of three browsers: Chrome (and Androids older versions), Safari and Opera. It is going to be interesting to see when IEMobile (=Edge at some point) will gain more traction. I hope we could see in all these browsers support for Service Workers. It will give developers better ways to build for the web.


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