Startups And Running

running on the beach

Last week, I had an interesting talk with a friend about the common set of skills you need in order to create a successful (big) project. In most cases, the planing phase is important but not the most challenging one. The execution is the real deal.

It’s the ability to push on when things are falling a part. As someone said: “Everybody has a plan until they get punched”. This is why grit is a critical aspect.

We later talked about another passion we shared: long distance running. It wasn’t too hard to see the similarity in characteristics of great entrepreneurs and runners.

From my experience, in both cases, it’s about the people that you meet in this clan and the willingness to help and support each other. In most cases, it’s not a direct competition, but rather a huge challenge to make it to the end. Where each individual define the ‘end’ differently.

Sure enough, someone already did a ted talk on this topic.

What is a good and efficient business education?
Run a Marathon.
Why? Because in a short time (3-4 months) you can learn the fundamentals to business. It’s about making a plan and execute against it. It’s about changing the plan you had because life is full of surprises.


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