Google Launchpad Accelerator – The 3rd Class

AsiaIn the past ten months, I’ve been busy working with startups in Google’s new program for startups, which we call: “Launchpad Accelerator“.


In this unique program we doing our best to help tech startups build successful business.


We are running this program by working closely with these startups and helping them with the most critical challenges. The analysis and guidance are being done by mentoring sessions. In these sessions we leverage the vast experience of Google’s engineers and other external mentors from top companies and venture capitals in silicon valley. Their value is huge and I’ll update here with specific examples.

When your startup is selected to the program, you get a two weeks at Google Headquarters full of learning and networking opportunities. After that, you have another six months of work with Googlers on your objective and key results. In other words, you get access to Google engineers, resources, and mentors. Which are all aimed to help you do your things better/faster/cheaper and make your startup a success.



After two successful LPA classes, we have just announce the next group of promising startups for the third class of Launchpad Accelerator.

In this round (that will take place in Jan 2017) we will host startups from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

It’s going to be amazing to work with so many talented entrepreneurs from around the world.

The most interesting stories will find there ways to here and to our You Tube channel. So keep in touch!


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