Startups Use AMP and PWA

Startups must be agile and move fast. This is the main reason why I think they should use more both AMP and PWA as technologies that give them a lot of power.

As an entrepreneur, you wish to build this magic wheel of
users -> feedback -> product improvements.screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-7-46-57-pm

The web is giving you the ability to reach users quickly and without any barriers. Moreover, you have today a lot of tools that let you listen to what your users are telling you (by their actions, not just words). This is very powerful when you wish to find a product market fit and later when you working hard to fine tune it.

Today, I gave a talk to 30~ startups in Mexico city about the future of the mobile web and how they could leverage it. I focus on the mobile web revolution and how we can use its powerful new APIs in order to build our product.

From AMP (=Accelerated Mobile Pages) as a starting point to PWA (=Progressive Web Apps) that give the full experience. After the initial reach, your goal is to give users an amazing experience. This is what PWA is all about. In the slides below you can gain more details on why/how PWA deliver it on the web.


It’s always a long way up the hill (or pyramid)

Want to dive even deeper? Here are few links that might help you.

More about AMP

  1. Review the technical documentation and join the community onGitHub and StackOverflow.
  2. Start developing your AMP files and validate them. You can use for reference.
  3. Check the search guidelines at Google Search requirements and also validate the AMP Search Console Report.

More about PWA

  1. The service worker specification and ‘How to build a PWA‘.
  2. An introductory article on service worker or check the Service worker API documentation on MDN.
  3. A comprehensive set of service worker examples on Github.



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