Golden Gate Relay Run – Progressive Web App


On May, We (a team from Google) are going to run from Napa Valley to Santa Cruz. It’s a relay 191 miles race or as some call it: “The longest party in CA”. There are teams of 12 members that will run 36 legs (3 legs per runner, 3-8 miles each) through 36 cities and… across the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight. All that is in support of Organs R Us.

Btw, if you want to help us, please donate.

In a quick effort from few Googlers, we came with a nice script that took a KML file and compile the information so we see all the legs of the race on one page.
The goal at the beginning was to print it so we could have it with us during the race. However, the final results is a little progressive web app (you can get it also at: ) that is working offline so you can save some trees and still see all the details for your next leg. If you do want to print this page, you can find this ‘printer friendly’ document useful.

This is what you will get after you selecting your number, as you remember there are 12 runners. So in the case below, it’s the 2nd runner who got leg 2, 14 and 26.

Relay maps PWA on Nexus 6P


When she click on the leg, all the important information is revealed, so she can prepare and have fun during the run at 2am on Saturday.

Yes, some people enjoy it.

For real.

Relay maps Nexus 6P open map

If you wish to improve it or have any suggestions – All the code is in this repo on GitHub.

More about the race can be found also on their facebook page and their twitter account.

Have a good weekend and go for a run!


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