Google #IO17 – Actions On Google

The past 3 days were packed with developers, sessions, announcements and good weather at Shoreline.

Here are some of the things that I really liked (and marked myself to try later):

What is new with the Google Assistant.

You can learn why actions on google is great option for developers and what you can do with it in your own hardware.

How to build apps for the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant’s mission is to help users get things done in their world.

This video below will explain how to plug into the Google Assistant services ecosystem. It covers everything from understanding the business use case and high level user interface design to implementation and growing usage.


If you wish to learn with code, please check the two code-labs that I wrote:

  1. Animal jokes – This is a 101 code lab that will show you how to work with and create a nice bot that tell you funny animal jokes. If you want to get the source code – It’s all in this Animal joker repo.
  2. Your First App for Assistant With Webhook – Bitcoin Info – This codelab is taking you for the next stage, with the ability to call your servers (and logic) by using a webhook.
    You can copy the agent and the webhook code from this bitcoin-info repo.

Other announcements:

  • Notifications – Google Home will have the ability to alert users about to things they need to know. Think about: traffic alerts, flight delays, alert before meetings etc’.

  • Call to phones – Free to the USA/CA.

  • Set reminders to calendar – You can set reminders and not ‘just’ timers (e.g. “OK Google put timer for 15min”).

  • More steaming services  – For music (e.g. Spotify) and video (e.g. Hulu)

  • A TV assistant app

It’s going to be interesting to see what new applications will be build for this emerging platform.


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