How To Pass The Google Assistant App Review?

After you build your Assistant App it is time to submit it for review and publish it to the world. You should test your app and make sure that it’s ready for prime time.

When you submit your app, Google’s reviewers use and test it to find issues, bugs, or policy violations. To ensure a quick approval, you should use this checklist and… keep reading.

In this post, we will focus on 4 aspects that are important to ensure your app will pass the review quickly and be a success story.

1. Properness

Is there any content in the app that is offensive?
You should make sure there all the content is PG-13 or below and there is no offensive or off-brand language. Also, it’s important to make sure there are no grammatical/spelling errors.

2. Simplicity

Is the language is straightforward? Does it make sense to use this action for this task?

Your app should lead and confirm that the user understands what can be said next in the conversation. It should be clear and simple, similar to a regular conversation between people. And like any (productive) conversation between humans, it should be clear when it’s completed.

At the beginning of the conversation, the user should understand that she is talking to the app and not the Google Assistant. Next, the app provides enough context, so she can know what to say next. It’s good practice to guide the user and allow them to re-listen. Your app should assures the user that it understand what they just asked. You can see it in action with these apps I’ve created around our code labs.

3. Functionality

When the user is calling the action, does it work as it should?

In conversations there are ‘no errors’. You should design your app to recover from different turns in the conversation and put the user back on track.

Please remember that in conversations we can’t treat the users like they don’t know what they want to do. Your app should be smart enough to recover. Another important point is the speed that the app response. Like other platforms, users hate to wait so you should make sure that the app is responding as fast as you can.

4. Quality

Is the action reliable? enjoyable? encourage repeat usage? unique?

You should think here on your app’s persona and how to make it engaging. The goal is to make the conversation as enjoyable as possible. If your persona got a unique voice (or charm) it’s excellent. You goal here is to make it such a fun experience that the user will tell others about this app.

That’s it for this Friday.

Have a great weekend!



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