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krakow from the GDD eventGoogle Developer Days (GDD) are global events showcasing the latest developer products and platforms from Google. It’s like Google I/O but not in California. It was a fun event and we had the chance to meet many developers and talk about interesting challenges and opportunities.

We just finished this talk on “Actions on Google – Why? What?” at Google Developer Summit and you can find the slides and the video recording below.



Like with any new platform, the first question you might have is why?
In this case, it will be something like “Why do I need an assistant app? I already have a native and a mobile app”, right?

Here are few points to keep in mind:

  • Productivity – You can help you users get things done with a simple conversation. There are many cases, where conversation is an easier/faster way to get things done. It won’t work for every sen
  • No Installation – If users are clicking on your assistant app from the web or asking for it with “OK Google” there is no friction. They get the app on the spot without any installation process or approvals.
    assistant apps is everywhere
  • Cross-platform – The assistant app is ‘everywhere’. Today, it’s Google Home and Assistant on Android and iPhones and soon on more devices.
  • Google Assistant on Android – It’s already there ready for you. It’s very useful with all the other information (e.g. meetings from the calendar, contacts to make phone calls, music you like etc’)  you are having in your Google account.

To learn more about how to develop and reach users – browse the slides above.

Btw, I got few questions around the subject of ‘where can I find more resources?’ – I wrote about it around a month ago. If you have other good resources, please let me know.

Be wise.


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