Games You Should Play

Some of the best games out there are free and could be used with friends and family over FB Rooms (or Zoom).

If you have other suggestions – please let me know.

NameWhy you should play it?Online versionComments
Settlers Of CatanNegotiation and trading – fun fun fun

My favorite.
Among UsA classic from the NRiB OGs

A Fun one with co-workers as well.
Draw battleShow your super power drawing skills
Jackbox.tvGreat production value, variety of modes, easy drop in/drop out
PokerTons of clients out there! Would probably work best as directly advertised poker game night. Black Tie not required but encouraged more options
Escape RoomThere’s a few self-run online escape rooms that I’ve annecdotally heard are quite fun (better than some chaperoned virtual escape rooms)Many options – Google will help here
Here is one example

A great way to learn about your friends…
SpaceteamA game of coordination amidst chaos: what better way to build teamwork and camaraderieMobile appFree
Word UpZero learning curve, runs quick and smoothMobile appFree
One Night Ultimate WerewolfSimilar to Among Us, this game of deception moves fast and has just one round – A Fun one… lots of laughs.
CodenamesEasy to learn, fun to play, scales to any number of players
AvalonThis game of deception involves imperfect knowledge in the midst of good vs evil. Similar to One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but consists of five rounds instead of one

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