Chrome Videos

(!) For more fresh videos please checkout Google Developers Live Israel

ChromeOS in 5min – Lighting talk from JPR12 (March 2012)

Run ChromeOS In VirtualBox

ChromeOS & Web Apps In 5min (25-oct-2011)

and if you wish to develop while you are on ChromeOS check out “Web developers and the new Chromebook”

The State of Chrome, HTML5 and modern web apps

Chrome Web Store

ChromeOS & Chromebooks

This Week In Google On Chrome OS

This one is ‘a bit’ longer then the 5min ones… but full of good topics.

ChromeOS & HTML5 in GTUG Tel Aviv

The talk was in hebrew and covered also the opportunity with Chrome web store and ‘in app payments’

The Keynote – Google Developer Day 2011 in Tel Aviv

Around 40:34min you can see my demos of Chrome cool stuff…

More info about this event

Bleeding Edge HTML5 (in Hebrew!)

All you wish to know about the latest technologies that you can leverage today in Chrome: Media APIs, web intent, offline capabilities and more.

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