An Amazing Apps For The Google Assistant – Chatbot Summit 2018

chat Bot Summit

Here are the slides from my talk today at the Chat Bot Summit.

It was a great experience to talk about the Google Assistant platform and to run two workshops with live coding.

If you could not make it and you wish to test this platform, you can go over the slides (and other tutorials or videos) and check on of the code labs that we have for the Assistant on your own.

There are many good apps that you can check in order to get ideas and inspiration. Here are some apps for the Assistant that I’ve created for the code labs and demos.

Good luck!


How To Create A Shortcut In Google Assistant?

When you are using the google assistant for common task on daily basis it’s great to make a shortcut so with one word you can invoke a long ‘command’. One of the first shortcuts I have created is ‘bitcoin’ which is translated to “OK google, talk to bitcoin info about the price”. Let’s see below how you can easily work with the shortcuts inside the Google Assistant. See in the short video below how to create it and use it.


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Voice User Interface Design

We are all experts at human-to-human conversation. But conversing only seems easy because it’s familiar, you’ve been doing it since you were born.  The key to building a good voice interface is to not fall into the trap of simply converting a GUI into a VUI.

In the slides below, I will cover the best practices to design our Action on Google (and any other Voice UI).

You can also see the top tips in the short video below. Continue reading


The Google Assistant Macro View

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 11.37.02 AMThe past few years, the buzz about conversational experiences and digital assistants has increased dramatically. According to a recently issued report by eMarketer, 87% of B2C marketers in the US believe that chatbots and digital assistants will play a significant role in marketing before 2021. Conversational computing and digital assistants represent a new fundamental computing wave.


There are two forces:

  • Natural Language Processing – The dramatic improvements in natural language processing, natural language understanding and machine learning, enable us to offer users engaging, natural conversational experiences that are far from the call center menus or the awkward chat bots of the past.
  • Conversation-first platforms – We can see today many platforms that support this new capabilities (e.g. smartphones, messaging apps, voice-activated speakers, watches, cars etc’). They have become increasingly mainstream, increasing familiarity with digital assistants and encouraging users to engage with them.

In these slides we will cover the big picture and why companies will wish to build an app for the Google Assistant. Continue reading


Use The Google Assistant To Remember Stuff

You can use the Google Assistant to remember lots of useful things for you.
For example, where you parked you car. It’s true that you might have this feature in your maps app.
However, this one can take a step further and help you remember its location better (e.g. I parked my car on level four near the elevator).


You need to open the Google Assistant and turn on the location settings.

  1. On your phone, open the Settings app Settings.
  2. Under “Personal,” tap Location.
  3. Turn on location .

After that, you can say something like: Continue reading


OK Google Talk To Runner Trivia Game

Last week, I had some time to do some fun stuff with Actions on Google. The result is a new trivia game for runners and people that like to learn new things.

I used the new templates for Google assistant app. It’s super easy, all you need is to copy a google sheet and update it with your questions and answers.

Got a topic you are passion about? Give it a try!

You can see below how a typical game will look like on the assistant. But it’s also fun to play it on Google Home.

You start by calling the game with something like “OK Google, talk to runner trivia game“. Continue reading


How To Publish An Assistant App That Will Pass The Review?

After you’ve designed conversations and developed apps, you’re probably ready to share them with users. Before you make your app available to Google Assistant users, let’s see how to prepare for deployment. When you submit your app for approval, Google tests and verifies that they meet a minimal set of launch requirements before publishing them to users.

In this video and post we will focus on the top 3 pitfalls you need to avoid in order to pass the review process.

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How To Set Reminders With The Google Assistant?

Screenshot 2017-07-27 10.06.15

One of the really useful features and ‘a bit’ unknown is the assistant ability to remind us stuff. You can think on it as an effect way to take a short note on anything that you don’t wish to forget.


You can say something like:

  • OK, Google, remind me to go for a run tomorrow at 6:30am
  • OK Google, set a reminder to call dad tonight
  • Hey Google, set a reminder to do laundry when I get home

In order to see which reminders we already ‘booked’ you can say:

  • OK, Google, what are my reminders?”
  • OK, Google, what are my reminders for tomorrow?

And if you wish to remove a reminder(s) – “OK, Google, delete my reminders for tomorrow”. You can also delete everything with “OK, Google, delete all of my reminders”.

The nice aspect of reminders is that on the phone (Android, iPhone) you will get a push notification and on Google Home it will just tell you it.

Give it a try!