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Where The Best Ideas Win

I’ve finished reading one of the best books for this year: Principles: Life and Work.

It’s a long book but very well organized. You get a good background on Ray Dalio and how he arrived at where he is today. I have known him for 10 years but was amazed to learn he was broke in the early 80′. In a classic American dream story, he built one of the world’s most significant (and maybe, best) hedge funds that these days manage over $150B.

Things I liked:

  • Ray gives good explanations to each principal and how he got to it. There are many cases where he drives his points with a real-life example, which is helpful. You can think of this book as a recipe book for life and business. Ray wants you to follow these principles, get you to think about them, and develop a set of principles based on your idea, experience, and life lessons.
  • He provides the reader with a strategy and a roadmap to better thinking and dealing with problems and challenges.
  • He also gives tools and methodologies to accomplish goals you think are essential base on your values.
  • After over 40 years in the stock market, he learned that to be so successful, you need to be an independent thinker (because the consensus is baked into the price of assets), and you need to be more right than wrong. So the ability to learn from your mistakes and to keep improving is critical.
  • In the last part of the book, he talks about business and how to build a group or organization that will be transparent, self-improving, and able to bubble up with the best ideas. It sounds easy, but from the past 20 years, I know how hard it is to accomplish.

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Make Money On The Web (CodeMotion 2015)

Optimize for Autofill

Today I had the pleasure to present at  codemotion TLV. It was a great opportunity to meet so many good friends that are pushing the web forward.


  • Mobile browser traffic is 2X bigger than app traffic and growing faster. So you better pay extra attention to your mobile website and make sure the friction on your forms is as low as possible.
  • On mobile, entertaining apps dominate time but websites capture the bulk of the transactions (=money!)
  • Optimize for Autofill! make sure you are using all the right autocomplete types in your form’s field. From Chrome usage data we learned that you will get 30% increase in form fill speed. It’s quite an amazing stats, no?

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