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Campus TLV, Google Cloud, IoT And Some Tips

Accelerating Your Hardware and IoT StartupsToday I had the pleasure to take part in this conference.
The talk covered three topics:
1. Campus TLV offering for entrepreneurs – Every week, I have the pleasure to spend few hours mentoring startups at the Campus. It’s a great way to help others and to hear about new interesting challenges. I wanted to raise the awareness to the (free) programs that the Campus offer developers and entreparnuers, so this was a classic opportunity.
2. Google Cloud offering for the IoT world and for startups for startups.
3. Tips from my experience on ‘how to start’ your startup and make it a succesful business.

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Add Users to Google Compute Engine / EC2 Instances

KeysIn the past, when I wanted to share a Linux box with other users, it was simply by creating another user and making sure their password are ‘strong’. These days, it’s much safer not to use passwords over ssh but rather keys in order to connect (over ssh) to your machines in the cloud.

Here is the full list of commands you need to do in order to add a user. It’s being tested on Ubuntu so if you are on another OS, please continue with caution.

[gist f949f215b405d2d767b3]