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Google Cloud Platform – App Engine and Beyond

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 2.43.33 PMFew minutes ago we finish a great event in Campus TLV. We had the pleasure to have Dr Peter Magnusson (Director of Engineering for App Engine at Google) and Greg DeMichillie (Director Product Management, Cloud Platform at Google). For the ones, that do not know what is GAE: Google App Engine is a complete development stack that uses familiar technologies to build and host applications on the same infrastructure used at Google. It is used by some of the world most successful and demanding global applications such as SnapChat and Khan Academy. We also cover Google Compute Engine which allows everyone to Run large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure. I’ve spoke about Google Cloud Endpoint and you can watch the full talk on my project’s site.

Ido talking in the campus on cloud

This is the raw recording form the event of all three talks. I hope to have an edited version soon…


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Google Cloud Endpoints And HTML5 In Hebrew

This post is a short one… It’s contain the same talk I gave last week but, this time it’s in hebrew. So for the millions of front-end developers that wish to hear this in hebrew. This is the ‘one time only’ you can enjoy it.

Btw, this week we had a very cool event in Campus TLV on ‘Multi Screen-X’ world. So tomorrow, we are going to air the first talk from these two packed days.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 3.15.05 PMPlease join us.

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Google Cloud Endpoints And HTML5

GDL-ILToday in Google Developers Live Israel I’ve spoke about Google Cloud Endpoints and new HTML5 APIs. Before we started I’ve mention that hot news from yesterday about G+ sing-in and I suggest you to check it out.

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DevCon TLV 2012

In a nutshell, DevCon TLV was a great event! It’s getting better and bigger every year. There were lots of developers, friends and rock bands (a bit early in the morning – but great way to wake up quickly). This year all the talks were limited to 25min (with 5min of questions) where after lunch people had the options to choose ‘agile’ track as well. I’ve got to listen to some great talks and I hope we could see all of them online soon. This year my talk in DevCon TLV was “Big Data and HTML5“. This slides cover some of the main points of Google cloud products: Google Cloud Endpoints and Big Query. I wanted to give developers the option to see how they can combine modern web apps with cloud technologies that give a lot of power. The first product we covered is still in ‘trusted tester’ mode and it give the developer the option to build an API (in Google App Engine supported technologies: Java, Python and Go) that will work in minutes with all the scale of Google app engine. You can read more deeply about Google Cloud Endpoint and HTML5 or just have a look at this talk:

(*) This time the talk is in hebrew…  I hope that soon I’ll have another version of it in english.

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HTML5 Modern Web App and Google Cloud Endpoints (Part 2 Of 3)


  1. Google Plugin for Eclipse
  2. Google API JavaScript client library
  3. Sign up for Cloud Endpoints

User Experiences demands are pushing modern web apps to a more distributed architecture.  A pattern many developers have used is using a MVC framework on the client and communicate to the server with REST. Google App Engine’s easy to build, easy to manage environment makes it ideal for REST APIs for Web backends.  At Google IO 2012, we made it much easier to build REST APIs on App Engine with Cloud Endpoints.

Cloud Endpoints enables you to build REST and RPC APIs in App Engine.  It leverages the same infrastructure  Google uses for its own API and as such, you get strongly typed clients for Android, and IOS as well as a lightweight client for JavaScript which we will be walking through in this presentation.

In getting ready for IO, Ido and I thought we’d build a modern web application using Cloud Endpoints.  We decided on a topic that would be relevant to both App Engine and the general web developer community, something we both have some interest in and something generally useful…. a Beer rating and review web application.

Try it out yourself at:

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