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Amp Overview Talk #YGLF

amp-logoAn overview of Accelerated Mobile Pages Project at YGLF 2016.
See how you can leverage this important open source project today in production and improve your sites’ performance and the happiness of your users.

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Google I/O 2014 – What’s interesting in the cloud?

google-io-logo 2014-06-24 14.30.42This year there are many interesting sessions on Google Cloud. Here are some that I think you might enjoy watching the live stream (or jump into the room if you are at Moscone center). There are many more great sessions, so the best advice is to check the schedule and plan in advance which one you wish to follow live. You can always catch the other sessions later on channel. Continue reading

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DevConTLV Summary

DevConTLVLast week, I had the pleasure to present at DevConTLV for the 3rd time. It a great conferance that bring to Tel Aviv some rock-stars from companies like: Github, CouchDB, Amazon and many others. The location (Ozen Bar) is a cool place where you can hear live music during the nights and drink good coffee during the mornings. So it is a natural location to such an event. Ahh… and yep, the opening of the day was done with a live rock band! (just like JSConf). Continue reading