Hey Google, Talk to Coffee Trivia Game

During the holidays, I had a bit of time to do some fun stuff with Actions on Google.

It started with an idea that a runner friend brought up during a long run and the results is “OK Google, Talk to Western State Race“. If you are an ultra trail runner, you are smiling now, right?

Later, it was around another passion – good coffee. I used the templates for Google Assistant to create a fun trivia game. It’s super easy, as you only need to copy a google sheet and update it with your questions and answers.

You can check the result by clicking here (on mobile) or just say something like “OK Google, Talk to Coffee Trivia Game”. Continue reading

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GDL IL – HTML5 Game (In Hebrew)

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 2.59.35 PMThis week in Google Developers Live Israel, we talked with Mor from about his new HTML5 game that is ‘conquering’ new gamers in Israel. There are many demos that show us the power of the web and its readiness for gamers. We covered some of the aspects that might interest developers who wish to build their first HTML5 game. We spoke about IDEs (sublime text 2, eclipse, web storm, netbean), tools, Model-View frameworks and learn a bit from Mor’s experience. Continue reading