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HTML5 And Offline – Videos From Google Developer Day 2011

Demos in the keynote

The Chrome HTML5 demos are starting around 40:34…

Bleeding Edge HTML5

The GDD TLV Clip

I hope to get others as well… I’ll update this post with them.

If you wish, the full list of videos from this event is here on youtube.

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Open Call for Google Developer Day In The Theaters Near You

It’s going to be a hot summer all around block (=world). If you are a (really good) developer… this is a great opportunity to show the world what magic you can do. It’s all about APIs and how you master their usage with some ‘salt & paper’ that you bring from home. This year’s Open Call challenges will focus on the Android ADK and HTML5 platforms. No matter which challenge you choose, your submission must reflect the regional culture of the GDD that you will be attending, be this through music, creative imagery, lighting or colors… go with your heart.

Important Questions & Answers

    • Who is eligible to participate in Open Call? Submissions will be showcased at their respective GDD event, so you must be able to physically attend the event. In most cases, this will mean that a German developer will submit an Open Call for GDD Berlin–however, if a developer from France plans to attend in Berlin, they are also welcome to send in a submission. While not a requirement, all of the challenges will require in-depth knowledge of developer tools and Google products, so we suggest that you have proficiency in those a
    • My country is not represented at GDD. Can I submit an Open Call anyways?All Open Call submissions must be relevant to the local markets where hosting GDDs.
  • What dates will the challenges run and which products are participating? What is the timeline for the challenges?The Android ADK Open Call will
    be announn Monday, July 18 at 9:00 A.M. PDT
    The HTML5 Open Call will be announced on Monday, August 1 at 9:00 A.M. PDT
Few resources to keep you moving forward are: html5 demos, the great HTML5 Docs on MDN and of course our very own HTML5 Rocks

Here is the official site for GDD and remember to have fun.