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WebRTC Updates

webrtc logoIn this week show on Google Developers live Israel we hosted Sam Dutton in order to hear what’s new in the land of WebRTC. What? Well, Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a collection of standards, protocols, and JavaScript APIs that enables peer-to-peer audio, video, and data sharing between browsers. We covered (with demos) the three primary APIs:

  • MediaStream: acquisition of audio and video streams
  • RTCPeerConnection: communication of audio and video data
  • RTCDataChannel: communication of arbitrary application data

It was a fun 20min talk with some very impressive demos. Here are few demos that show the power of getUserMedia API: Continue reading

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Chrome & Google Cloud Quick Update (GDL-IL)

Google APIsSome of the topic we touch during the show today:

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HTML5 APIs To Use Today On Google Developers Live Israel

Last week, I meet with few startups to talk about their web apps. After few basic questions like: how do I save data on the client without cookies? or something like: “Can I get a video input from the browser?” I thought it might be a good idea to touch on some of the APIs that are out there today in most browsers and developers can use. The best part is that in most cases, you can start using these APIs with very little code. In this demo page  you can hack around some basic HTML5 features and see the code snippets that will let you do some cool things like: save information locally (local storage for the rescue here), Geo location, device orientration, Getting Video/Audio (with WebRTC), Visibility API etc’.

The slides from my #DevConTLV Talk

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Mobile Web Apps On Google Developers Live Israel

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 2.56.08 PMThis is the talk I did in Google Developers Live Israel. It’s a weekly show that we have every WED at 14:00 (Israel time). You are most welcome to hangout with us in the future and ask questions or comments on anything that is related to startups, technology and (of course) Chrome/HTML5.

For more information about the talk you can read in the last post on mobile web apps.

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Mobile Web Apps

mobile devicesLast week I had the pleasure to give this talk in Multi Screen-X event we had in Campus TLV. Mobile web apps are built using web technologies: HTML5, Javascript and CSS. The main advantage is that you write your application once (e.g. one source code) and deploy it on every platform: Android, Chromebook, Chromebox, Chrome and ya… even iPhone and iPad. Why it’s important today?
Well… as we know, the web is a huge platform and the one common application in any platform is the browser. One look at this set of devices (which is just the tip of the  iceberg) will tell the story:

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 7.30.37 PM

On mobile devices the browsers’ current state, in terms of HTML5 support is (even) better then on desktops. You can see it per API in or Continue reading


Google Cloud Endpoints And HTML5 In Hebrew

This post is a short one… It’s contain the same talk I gave last week but, this time it’s in hebrew. So for the millions of front-end developers that wish to hear this in hebrew. This is the ‘one time only’ you can enjoy it.

Btw, this week we had a very cool event in Campus TLV on ‘Multi Screen-X’ world. So tomorrow, we are going to air the first talk from these two packed days.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 3.15.05 PMPlease join us.

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Google Cloud Endpoints And HTML5

GDL-ILToday in Google Developers Live Israel I’ve spoke about Google Cloud Endpoints and new HTML5 APIs. Before we started I’ve mention that hot news from yesterday about G+ sing-in and I suggest you to check it out.

Continue reading

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Women Tech Markers With Yael Karov of Ginger

GDL-IL women techmakers giger softwareToday we published the second episode of GDL-IL Women Tech-makers with Yael Karov (Founder and CEO of Ginger Software). Gingre is a service built from Karov’s 20+ years of experience in the field of natural language processing and machine learning that helps users improve their online English language communication. Here the discussion was with Michal Segalov and Dana Gabel (Software Engineer in Google), about Yael’s experiance in commercial launch of innovative products to market.