Git 101- Part 2 (A bit More Advance)

git-local-remoteAfter the first post on Git 101, here is a set of commands you will use after the first 15-20 minutes of working with it. Some are very useful (e.g. stash your work before you can commit it in order to go for a quick coffee when your code is not done) and some are a quite rare (e.g. setting up a git on a remote server). Good luck.

Update & Merge

Creating a branch (and switching to the new branch) in one line

git checkout -b "The new branch name"

  • git pull – to update your local repository to the newest commit. It will fetch and merge remote changes.
  • git merge – to merge another branch into your active branch (e.g. master).
    Remember that in both cases, git tries to auto-merge changes. IF you have conflicts, You are responsible to merge those conflicts manually by editing the files shown by git. After changing, you need to mark them as merged with
    git add
  • Preview changes before merging them
    git diff


Creating a stash (think of it as a temporary place, like a clipboard to save changes without marking them deep in history) of changes to allow you to switch branches without committing.

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Git 101 – Useful Commands

Github link cat A few commands I found myself using daily… Well, it might be a good idea to share it with others and see what can be done better. If you like to get out of the command line, I found Source Tree to be a powerful free application that give you many options to see the code, changes and flow. You might want to check it out. Another good option is the GitHub official client app. Ok, let’s jump into the list of git commands. Continue reading

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GDL Israel On Yeoman.io, AngularJS And Github Pages

GDL-IL with Ran Tavory

In this week episode of GDL-IL we talked with Ran Tavory on his new conference and how he built its website. Here are the main topics we covered:

  • Yeoman as the main built tool. We found out that is easy to start working with it. This powerful tool gives you a set of tools that any modern web developer should use. Yeoman is a robust and opinionated set of tools, libraries, and a workflow that can help you be more productive and use the best practices in modern web development. Give it a ride…
  • AngularJS – To add the dynamic part for our site. It’s very interesting to see how Ran used google spreadsheets as his database in the cloud and with the add angular he fetch the data and update the content automatically.
  • Github pages – As a free (and scalable) hosting service.
  • Twitter Bootstrap – Because it is saving you a lot of ‘leg work’ by using this powerful css framework. Ran didn’t start with it… but once he saw that the site doesn’t look good on mobile, he jump on this wagon and luckily for him it worked.
  • Google spreadsheet as a database and a simple database for our CMS in the cloud. Continue reading