Google Cloud: Managed VMs And Docker

Google cloud platform“Google’s ability to build, organize, and operate a huge network of servers and fiber-optic cables with an efficiency and speed that rocks physics on its heels. This is what makes Google Google: its physical network, its thousands of fiber miles, and those many thousands of servers that, in aggregate, add up to the mother of all clouds.” – Wired
This quote about Google cloud platform is on the spot. In the slides below,  I tried to give an overview on the new features that are now part of Google cloud. If you attended #CodeMotion TLV yesterday – You will find these slides familiar. If it’s not the first time you hear the phrase ‘Google cloud’, jump to slide 14. Continue reading

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What’s New On Google Cloud Platform

This year at #DevConTLV the main theme was around cloud and databases. In my talk I did my best to emphasis, that in the past 15 years, Google has been building out the world’s fastest, most powerful, highest quality cloud infrastructure on the planet and it is opening it so external developers could enjoy it. There are many services like: App Engine, BigQuery and VMs on Compute engine that all come with the same idea. You (=the developer) should focus on what you good at and not by reinventing the wheel again (and again) by trying to find the secret in memcache optimizations. It’s my 4th year in this event and I can say that it is (without doubt) one of the best developer conferences in Tel Aviv. So if you are around next time, please try to join us. It’s great fun to talk with so many talented developers and the talks that I’ve been to, where very good and informative. Continue reading

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What’s New In Google Developers World

Here are my slides from a talk I gave last week on what’s new and available for you as a developer in Google’s world. This talk gives a high level overview on the main APIs. If you wish to dive deeper on some of them, you will find many links in the slides.

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Memcache Basics On Google App Engine

memcache on GAEThis week is packed with great content on “Google cloud platform”. I will summaries some of the talks we having in our office. The first talk I gave was on leveraging memcache when you developing with Google App Engine. Here is the summary:

What is Memcache?

Memcache is an in-memory key-value pairs data store. You can use the put(key, value) and get(key) in order to save and fetch data from it. key or value can be anything that is serializable. It’s important to remember that with GAE – Memcache is a shared service accessed via App Engine APIs. So it’s not a RAM base caching layer that you might have on a single server but a service that you will make a network call each time you write/read from it. Continue reading

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Google Cloud Platform Update

Google cloud platform updateYesterday we had a very cool event at Google’s offices. There were many mobile and web developers that came to hear what is new with Google cloud technologies (among other thing). I’ve used this set of slides because I knew they will be useful to many more developers that miss the event. That is the reason, I’ve used ‘a lot’ of words on each slide.

The event was recorded and I will update this post with the video soon. Have a great 2014! Continue reading

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Google App Engine Intro

App EngineIn this episode of Google Developer Live Israel I’ve covered in the first 6min how to work with Eclipse and Google plugin. This plugin is a great way to manage your app engine projects and to push your code to google cloud. The main goal of this video is to show developer how they can have a server up and running on Google App engine in few minutes. From 6:47 mark you can hear this explanations in hebrew… This part of the talk is tailored mainly for the developers/gamers that are coming to a hackathon event we have during this weekend around Hangout APIs. I am looking forward to see the cool games that will be built on this API…

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Google Cloud And Mobile Web

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Two talks in one day…

That’s what I did yesterday for Google Developer Group (GDG) Athens, Greece. It was a great opportunity to talk about the new cool aspects of google cloud platform (Yep, checkout things like: NodeJS on Compute Engine, App engine new support for technologies, Monte Carlo Simulations with App Script, Cloud storage, Big Query and many more). We talked for the first 25min on the new aspects of developing mobile web sites (and/or mobile web apps). In one word – go check out Of course, there are many more aspects that are in the slides, so feel free to browse them and please let me know if I’ve missed something important that you are using in your mobile web project. Continue reading

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Google APIs On GDL Israel

Google APIsIn this week we spoke about Google APIs and how you can work with them from the client (e.g JavaScript) and from the server (in this case, it was with PHP but there are many more options).

The main link that you will want to start with is: which give you the option to ‘activate’ which APIs you are going to use and later on each and every one of them you can click on the ‘question mark’ and jump to a starting guide. Another good tool is the API-Explorer which give you the option to test APIs quickly and see what each end-point will return. Continue reading