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UX/UI Designer Role At ESGgo

There is an increasing interest in how companies are managing their environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Since it’s a new topic, many companies struggle to cooperate with the changing demand around the ESG arena.

This is why we are building a new platform that will help companies leverage ESG and not struggle with it. Instead of manual data entry into spreadsheets or emails over long threads, our platform automates data collection and reporting across all the company departments. It will also have the ability to create reports, dashboards, and benchmark information that will help you identify gaps. On top of it, we will have an AI layer that will provide recommendations for setting goals and improving ESG standing against any reporting framework.

What is ESGgo?

ESGgo is the ESG-operating-platform for global enterprises.
A group of experienced business professionals and technology experts from Facebook, Google, and McKinsey and teams from the leading Israeli army technology units gathered together to impact the world positively.

We provide best-in-class tools to collect the hundreds of ESG data points across the organization, capture the data and simplify the work-streams.
Moreover, the ESGgo system enables departments to collaborate and analyze the ESG status. Later, the system automatically shares it with the different stakeholders: the management team, board of directors, and even external reports to shareholders.

One of the system’s unique capabilities is that competitive analysis tool: it allows companies to compare external rating agency scores and competitor benchmarks and suggest tactical and strategic actions that could help increase their ESG score.

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