Make Your Meetings Better

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In the past I’ve wrote about status meetings and why you should avoid them. As a basic productivity rule, you should replace meetings when emails or calls will do.

But there are many cases, where you wish to have a meeting in order to: brainstorm, inform, decide etc’.

How can you make it more productive? Continue reading

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Web Components Talk At HTML5-IL Meetup

Chrome love HTML5Last week I had the pleasure to take part in the first HTML5-IL meetup. If you are a front-end developer that live in Israel you should try and come to this group events. Lots of great developers, designers and others that share the same passion for the web. Great stuff. Unfortunately  I didn’t have more then 30min for this new, hot, complicated topic. So I hope to have more time to cover some of the aspects during the next meetup. From the four main aspects we touched only on the first two: Continue reading