The Art Of Retaining Users

retention is a challenge

One of the driving principles of the mobile marketplace is that users want NEW. New apps, new updates, new content. In fact, over 60% of users who go onto digital marketplaces, do so, because they want to try something new. While this is fantastic for user acquisition, this presents a problem for user retention because if you’re not keeping the user’s attention, they’ll quickly be looking for something that will.

The key to effective user retention can be broken down into three:

  • Understand user behavior in your app
  • Identify roadblocks to retention
  • Use tactics & tools to re-engage users

All of this starts with understanding your users. If you don’t understand what they want, how they act, or their opinions, you really can’t craft a strategy on how to keep them happy. First, check out your Cohort analysis report.
Cohort Analysis is a powerful report that allows customers to measure and compare users based on their specific customer journey. You can measure the impact of your marketing campaigns on specific days, see how effective they are in generating loyal users, and compare which campaign performed best. Continue reading

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Mobile Trends During 2015

Quick stats that shows why it’s a “mobile world”.
Time spend on mobile grows 117% year over year. One quick look at the image below will show that we have a new form factor that is taking all others in terms of growth.



Phablets are rocking

Phablets have become the unstoppable media consumption device. What a proof? Check the quarterly form factor distribution forecast (below).
Amazing. In the next 6 quarters, we might be in a place where phablets are 60% of all mobile devices.
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Mobile Web For Mobile World

chrome_front-androidHere are the slides from a talk I gave at Campus TLV to developers from the government. It’s clear that mobile is growing very fast and you must have a quality present on mobile devices. You wish your site (and apps) to be ‘mobile first’ and make sure they are using the best practices for mobile.
It’s important to remember that E-commerce occurs across apps and web, but consumers rely disproportionately on mobile web for commercial tasks. In these slides, we will see how to improve your sites or applications. Btw, if you wish to read this information in Hebrew, you can find it over at Continue reading

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Maximizing Your ROI On The Mobile Web

mobile devicesIt’s a mobile world.
The next 4B users are going to use the web only on mobile so we should think on their experience. Moreover, a lot of people are using the mobile web as discovery mechanism and when they land on our site we got the (one) chance to impress. The summary of the slides below will focus on two main aspects: performance and user experience. In the slides you can read on the 25 principles and how to work with them.

  • Performance
    Get content to the user as quickly.
    I think this formula used in Ilya Grigorik’s talk sums this up:

    Perceived performance = f(Expected Performance, 
                               Actual Performance)
  • User Experience
    Optimize for the mobile device. So start your design from the small screen and move forward to a bigger one.

Here are tools that every web developer should use (or embrace the concepts that these tools promotes): Continue reading

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A List Of Great Mobile Web Apps

mwa-examples 2014-08-21 14.16.36In the past, I gave few presentations on ‘Modern web apps‘ and each time I tried to show compelling examples.

Here is a new source (mobile web apps ftw) that might help you see what can be done (today) on the mobile web.
Few good examples to checkout:

  1. Weather App
  2. Lanyrd (For your next conferences).
  3. Stanford
  4. Financial Times
  5. Alerts in Israel (hebrew)
  6. Time Tracker (hebrew)
  7. GitHub
  8. Twitter
  9. Gmail

Another good site to get insperation is:
If you have other great suggestions – please use the comments and I’ll add them.

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HTML5 On Mobile

Chrome love HTML5This week we are hosting a lot of developers at Campus TLV. The goal of these talks is (mainly) to harness developers with knowledge and tools they can use today in their current jobs. We lucky to host developers from few government’s organizations. In their case, there are many special regulations that need to be accommodate, so we wish to give them practical tips/tools they can use in order to build open RESTFul APIs and modern web apps. It’s no secret that there is a lot of interesting data that only the government produce.
I hope that movements like will flourish around the world quickly.

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Google I/O 2013 – Mobile Web App Demo

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Mobile Web Apps On Google Developers Live Israel

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 2.56.08 PMThis is the talk I did in Google Developers Live Israel. It’s a weekly show that we have every WED at 14:00 (Israel time). You are most welcome to hangout with us in the future and ask questions or comments on anything that is related to startups, technology and (of course) Chrome/HTML5.

For more information about the talk you can read in the last post on mobile web apps.