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A List Of Great Mobile Web Apps

mwa-examples 2014-08-21 14.16.36In the past, I gave few presentations on ‘Modern web apps‘ and each time I tried to show compelling examples.

Here is a new source (mobile web apps ftw) that might help you see what can be done (today) on the mobile web.
Few good examples to checkout:

  1. Weather App
  2. Lanyrd (For your next conferences).
  3. Stanford
  4. Financial Times
  5. Alerts in Israel (hebrew)
  6. Time Tracker (hebrew)
  7. GitHub
  8. Twitter
  9. Gmail

Another good site to get insperation is:
If you have other great suggestions – please use the comments and I’ll add them.

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HTML5 On Mobile

Chrome love HTML5This week we are hosting a lot of developers at Campus TLV. The goal of these talks is (mainly) to harness developers with knowledge and tools they can use today in their current jobs. We lucky to host developers from few government’s organizations. In their case, there are many special regulations that need to be accommodate, so we wish to give them practical tips/tools they can use in order to build open RESTFul APIs and modern web apps. It’s no secret that there is a lot of interesting data that only the government produce.
I hope that movements like will flourish around the world quickly.

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Google I/O 2013 – Mobile Web App Demo

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Mobile Web Apps

mobile devicesLast week I had the pleasure to give this talk in Multi Screen-X event we had in Campus TLV. Mobile web apps are built using web technologies: HTML5, Javascript and CSS. The main advantage is that you write your application once (e.g. one source code) and deploy it on every platform: Android, Chromebook, Chromebox, Chrome and ya… even iPhone and iPad. Why it’s important today?
Well… as we know, the web is a huge platform and the one common application in any platform is the browser. One look at this set of devices (which is just the tip of the  iceberg) will tell the story:

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 7.30.37 PM

On mobile devices the browsers’ current state, in terms of HTML5 support is (even) better then on desktops. You can see it per API in or Continue reading

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IndexedDB Webcast In GDL-IL

Here is a short webcast that shows how to build “IndexedDB in a jQueryMobile app”. If you thought about building a modern web application with offline capabilities, it will be a good 101 session for you. For the full code you can read “How to use indexedDB” and here is a live demo of this mobile web app. It seems that with the JavaScript shim that I’m using this is a nice solution for developers that wish to target both Android and iOS as it should work in both Chrome for android and mobile safari. Moreover, soon when IE10 will be in the ‘wild’ web, indexedDB API will be available in Chrome, FF and IE, nice ahh?

Btw, one of the reader of the blog point me to another open source IndexedDB API wrapper library – From browsing it, it’s looking good!


Top Android Apps You Want On Your Phone

What are the ‘must have’ apps you would install on a new Android device?

I’m sure you all got to this spot when a good friend and/or brother, sister, mom, dad or “dear” neighbor is coming to you (=the “guru”) with their new smartphone with the request: “Make it useful for me” or “Put some games and apps for the kids”. Well, after few (OK, maybe just 17) times I got this request, I decided to document a list of great apps that I’ll install in such a case. It is similar to a post I’ve wrote in the past about ‘Great Web Apps For Your Chromebook‘. The list is a combination of powerful apps that help people (who are not necessarily technical) in their daily tasks.

Here is my little list:

  • Google+ – Well, even if your friend doesn’t use this powerful social network. I would install this app because – on top of many other great features like: local, hangout, messenger and more – it will back up all her photos to the cloud!

  • Waze social GPS – This navigation app bring the ‘wisdom of the crowds’ into your car. It’s very powerful to direct you on the shortest path based on traffic in real time.

  • Gmail – Well… How can we have a list without THE email tool? This is going to be the app the will consume most of your friend’s time.

  • Skype  / Viber / Google Talk – you can call and message for free. I know lots of friends that use them when you are abroad. It’s useful to find a good wi-fi connection so the quality of the call with be good.

  • WhatsApp Messenger – one of the best messaging apps (think on sms but much better and for free). It’s working on many different devices so you can be sure most of your friends can enjoy it.

  • Chrome – Get the the security, speed and simplicity of Chrome to your mobile device. All your links, open tabs, passwords will sync like magic. Plus, you will enjoy many wonderful web apps that will work very fast.

  • Evernote – Organize your life and take notes using your mobile. This app is a powerful tool to keep your notes/recipes/photos/todo lists etc in the cloud. It’s also synced notes across devices so you can reach them from anywhere. Btw, their tablet version is gorgeous.

  • Flipboard / Google Currents / Pulse News – All are great apps to read your favorite magazines, blogs, newspapers etc.

  • Google Drive /  Dropbox – access all your docs, photos, videos, files from your mobile device.

  • Instagram – A good app to improve your native camera pictures and share your photos with the world.

  • TripIt Travel Organizer – This is a great app for anyone that travel. It will give you a great way to stay on top of things like: flight schedule changes, hotel reservations and car rentals.

  • Facebook / Twitter – so you could keep in touch with the rest of the ‘social’ world. btw, both of these app got a very nice mobile web app as well. There are also options to have these type of apps as widgets so you could be more productive on certain functions of the app.

  • Foursquare – explore a new city with this powerful app. Ohh… yes, you can ‘check-in’ and share your location with friends but even if you don’t part of the ‘social animals’ you will find this app very useful. Another option to check quickly where to go and what to eat is Yelp.

  • GroupMe / Google+Messanger – both will give you a great way to have group chats and organize friends/team quickly.

  • VLC – Be able to watch any type of video on your Android. Another option to stream video is with Dropbox app – yep, it let you do that as well.

And some extra fun one


  • Barcode Scanner – To be able to scan some barcodes like all the cool kids on the block.
  • Flashlight HD LED – When there is no other option
  • Google Translate – Think on a case where you want to order a good wine in france and you can’t say it.
  • Any.DO To Do List – Great to do list app. It also got a nice chrome extension that keep your tasks sync and fresh.
  • Wheres My Droid – for anyone that lost his phone more than once or twice. This one is a life saver. It will let you find it even if the phone is in silent mode.
  • AVG Antivirus – After all it’s better to be safe then sorry, no?
  • Key Ring Reward Cards – Keep all your loyalty/reward cards in one place.

Reading / Education

  • Kindle – Read book, pdf and anything else. I found that I’m using this app quite a lot on my phone (and not only on my tablet).
  • Google Reader – To keep up with your world of interest. This is a great rss reader.
  • TED – Ideas that worth your time. If you have 20min of free time, this might be the perfect solution to put them into good use.

Sport / Outdoor / Health / Fitness

Anything for bikers, runners, athletes and hikers.

  • My Tracks – Record and share your GPS tracks with friends.
  • MapMyRUN GPS Running – You can have MapMyRide verison as well in case you are mostly on your bike.
  • Strava Cycling – Analyze your performance and see how you stack up against friends and locals
  • StopWatch & Timer – In so many cases you wish to time something…

Last but not least, some apps for the dudes in Israel

We can’t finish without the #1 mobile game of all time (this time for Curiosity)

Angry Birds Space

 Drive safely and if you have some more (great) suggestion – please share them…

Here are the top apps in the Israeli Android Play Store (Aug 2012)

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Mobile Web App Stack (Hebrew)

Here is short talk I gave in DevCon 2012. I’ve spoke about four topics:

  • The State of the mobile web
  • Design philosophy
  • How to build mobile web app
  • Tips and some knowledge from my (short) experience.
If you think about this situation:

You realize that there is no choice to stand on the side and not create a ‘mobile first’ approach to your business/organization. In a world where mobile devices are going to pass desktop users and keep the ‘up and to the right’ line even steeper there is no option not to be there. It’s going hand in hand with ‘offline first’ approach and the (huge) amount of JS MVC frameworks that let us create modern web apps. We wish to provide users with great web apps and offline is one critical factor.

Some of the main tips to be more productive when you develop your web apps are:

  • Try full tech stack like: thorax.js
  • When you aim to iOS its Safari console can be used for logging (Settings -> Safari -> Developer)
  • Simulate touch events on desktop with MagicTouch.js OR try the new feature we have in Chrome DevTools (only on Canary for now). You can simulate touch event.touch events in chrome dev tool
  • Remote debugging hack with or if you have Chrome on Android you can do remote debugging

Feel free to browse the slides of my talk. When you see a dot in the bottom left corner – just click on N and you will get some more information on the current slide.