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Women Tech Markers With Yael Karov of Ginger

GDL-IL women techmakers giger softwareToday we published the second episode of GDL-IL Women Tech-makers with Yael Karov (Founder and CEO of Ginger Software). Gingre is a service built from Karov’s 20+ years of experience in the field of natural language processing and machine learning that helps users improve their online English language communication. Here the discussion was with Michal Segalov and Dana Gabel (Software Engineer in Google), about Yael’s experiance in commercial launch of innovative products to market.



GDL Israel – Women Techmakers

Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 7.58.16 PMIn the past few weeks we had the pleasure to host in Google two amazing women that lead by showing how you can innovate in the tech space. The first conversation was with Rony Ross (Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Panorama Software Ltd). It was an interesting discussion between Daniela Raijman-Aharonov (Engineering Manager and Software Engineer in Google), and Michal Segalov (Software Engineer in Infrastructure), on Ross’ role in expanding Panorama’s global presence, once the leading developer and marketer of software products for OLAP and BI in the Israeli market.

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