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Chrome’s Market Share And Service Worker

According to Stat Counter in the past 3 months Chrome made a progress in market share. It’s now got ~31% world wide. But if we dive a bit deeper into the chart below we can see that the situation on mobile is even better.


Take into consideration that Chrome + Android + UC Browser + Opera is ~70% of the market it’s a great news for web developers in terms of APIs. I hope to see soon the power of Service Worker and Push notifications in many more browsers. It’s the start of a new wave of web apps that look and feel similar to native apps. Continue reading

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Barcelona GDG 2012 – Keynote On HTML5 APIs

Huge ice cream sandwitchLast month, I had the pleasure to be in Barcelona and talk with great developers on HTML5, JavaScript and the open web. The keynote cover new HTML5 APIs and If you wish to read some of the main points check out this blog post. During that day, I saw a cool start-up (e.g. Imira) which created html5 game: ‘Lucky Fred’ and use phone-gap to have it in iOS and Android market places.

After the keynote, I gave another talk on HTML5 and big data (with google cloud services). Overall, it was a great experience and the organizer did a great job. I hope to be able to make it again next year…