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2010 Overall It Was A Good Running/Reading Year

Good running year

Good running year

I had lots of time during the long run to do lots of things: listen to books, thinking and analyzing problems. Here are few tasks I’ve been able to accomplished during 2010 runs:

  1. Listen to great audio books like (the best are in bold):
    • Predictable Irrational
    • Freakonomics
    • Stumbling on happiness
    • Nissim Taleb:  The black swan and Fool by randomness.
    • Stieg Larsson: The girl who… (all the three books).
    • The warren buffet way.
    • Malcolam Gladwell: The Tipping point, Blink, Outliers, What the dog saw.
    • Lost Symbol
    • David Baldacci: Deliver us from evil, first family
      hell’s corner, saving faith, stone cold, the camel club, the while truth and Divine justice
    • Harlen Coban: Back Spin, Caught, Swimsuit, TA, The Christmas train and Wish you well.
    • Thomas Friedman: Languidness and attitude and The World Is Flat – Globalization
    • Unleashing The Idea virus (you can skip this one… wasn’t worth the time).
  2. I’ve meet a lots of amazing people on and off the trails.
  3. I’ve been lucky to be in nature for long period of time.
    Both in summer (Colorado back country) and winter (Colorado – off pistes like: Vail snowboarding).
  4. I did some cool races: Tel Aviv Maraton (so hot you can’t imagine) and the Bay Trail Marathon (so much rain it’s not funny).
  5. I wish 2011 will bring in more of #1 #2 and of course #3 and #4 🙂

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Happy new 2011


Marathon (short) Tutorial

Here is (yet another) lighting talk I gave at the Java Posse Roundup 2010

It’s a short presentation that give you the basic idea what is all about this trend of running 42.195 Km (or 26.2 miles if you want to count less).

Planning – there are lots of good resources out on the web. Here is one that I’ve used – It’s A Guru trainer site. You can pick the right plan base on your current shape. Another good online tool is this pace calculator. But like anything in life, it’s all about execution! You must follow the plan and do your best to stick with the runs.
The hard part and the most important part of any plan is the ‘long runs’. These runs build you body and make sure it will be able to do the distance and be active for 3 to 5 hours.

Be Strong and (try to) have fun.