Golden Gate Relay Run – Progressive Web App


On May, We (a team from Google) are going to run from Napa Valley to Santa Cruz. It’s a relay 191 miles race or as some call it: “The longest party in CA”. There are teams of 12 members that will run 36 legs (3 legs per runner, 3-8 miles each) through 36 cities and… across the Golden Gate Bridge at midnight. All that is in support of Organs R Us.

Btw, if you want to help us, please donate.

In a quick effort from few Googlers, we came with a nice script that took a KML file and compile the information so we see all the legs of the race on one page.
The goal at the beginning was to print it so we could have it with us during the race. However, the final results is a little progressive web app (you can get it also at: ) that is working offline so you can save some trees and still see all the details for your next leg. If you do want to print this page, you can find this ‘printer friendly’ document useful. Continue reading

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2015 Year Summary – Code, Books And Running

Overall, it was a very interesting and busy year. A quick overview on some of the fronts that kept me busy.


On the coding front, it was a year that the ‘progressive web apprevolution started. It will be interesting to see what developers will build during 2016. You can see the main projects that kept me busy on this blog (e.g. monetizationstartups, web forms) and on my project site. It always great fun to meet developers around the world that are passion on the same topics you are. Here are a few presentations that I gave.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.52.52 AM

I started to push the monetization efforts, both in code (e.g. like this demo or this article on Autofill) and with two courses with Udacity . Check out the courses, they both great (and yes – I’m totally objective on this one).


On the running front, I had the pleasure to run all over the world. From “down under” to Europe, San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, Paris, London and even in the holy land. On the cycling part, I had the pleasure to participate in 110mile event that few good friends in CA organized – It was one big loop, from Mt. hamilton to Livermore and back. There were also, a lot of good rides in Ben Shemen and other woods. Continue reading

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2014 Summary


2014 was a busy year.
In few moments of reflection, it feels more like 3-4 years. Anyway, let’s try to see where was the interesting stuff on this blog.

The Web

 google think cloud

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2012 Year Summary – This Blog, Books And Running

This year I have covered a bit more then 1000 miles. Here are some of the stats that nike site is giving you. First you can see I run mostly off-road  This is great not only due to the amazing views but also because it’s quite and give you a chance to think without any ‘city’ noise around.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 12.48.59 PM Continue reading

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2010 Overall It Was A Good Running/Reading Year

Good running year

Good running year

I had lots of time during the long run to do lots of things: listen to books, thinking and analyzing problems. Here are few tasks I’ve been able to accomplished during 2010 runs:

  1. Listen to great audio books like (the best are in bold):
    • Predictable Irrational
    • Freakonomics
    • Stumbling on happiness
    • Nissim Taleb:  The black swan and Fool by randomness.
    • Stieg Larsson: The girl who… (all the three books).
    • The warren buffet way.
    • Malcolam Gladwell: The Tipping point, Blink, Outliers, What the dog saw.
    • Lost Symbol
    • David Baldacci: Deliver us from evil, first family
      hell’s corner, saving faith, stone cold, the camel club, the while truth and Divine justice
    • Harlen Coban: Back Spin, Caught, Swimsuit, TA, The Christmas train and Wish you well.
    • Thomas Friedman: Languidness and attitude and The World Is Flat – Globalization
    • Unleashing The Idea virus (you can skip this one… wasn’t worth the time).
  2. I’ve meet a lots of amazing people on and off the trails.
  3. I’ve been lucky to be in nature for long period of time.
    Both in summer (Colorado back country) and winter (Colorado – off pistes like: Vail snowboarding).
  4. I did some cool races: Tel Aviv Maraton (so hot you can’t imagine) and the Bay Trail Marathon (so much rain it’s not funny).
  5. I wish 2011 will bring in more of #1 #2 and of course #3 and #4 🙂

Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Happy new 2011

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How To Run A Marathon?

Running on the beach with AmirI’ve been doing few marathons a year in the past three years and I wish I had such a list before my first race. I’m sure I could use it and avoid some of the common mistakes I did.

Tips for your next marathon:

  1. Remember that the hard part was the training period. All the long runs during the weekends alone or with a friend are the major hard part. Now (race day) you should try to enjoy as much as you can. So, relax. Yes, try to relax and go with what you know from your training. Eat what you regularly eat (I hope you know what bar make you happy… definitely do NOT try a new energy bar,gel during the race day), drink what you like to drink during the runs and wear your best gear that you used. In a nutshell, don’t try new stuff during the race.
    Keep it simple and go with what you practiced.
  2. Choose your ‘race partner‘ – this is one of the most important aspects (for me) in a good/successful race. Afrer the first 4-5 miles, when you got into your pace, look around and search for the one that you think will go with you to the end (of the race). If you lucky, you will be able to find a partner and that making the all race better.
  3. Think on the next mile not the all race. It’s so much better to take (every project in life) step by step. You can break the race to 2,4,6,10 segments and think only on the next segment. It is a good feeling to ‘see’ your progress during the race.
  4. Check out #2 and #1 – do NOT start too quickly. No meter what girl/boy pass you without a visible effort.
    It’s a common mistake. You should do what you practiced and don’t fool yourself that you will run in a faster pace during the race. Moreover, after 4-5 mile you should be in your normal ‘race pace’ and ‘race heart rate’ so make sure to pace yourself. Don’t let your ego win – it will hunt you down around the 20-22 mile.
  5. Adjust yourself and listen to your body. You can never know what the race will bring you. Sometimes it’s 120F temperature (Tel Aviv Marathon) and sometimes the climbs are crazy (each San Francisco marathon after the 23 miles). Show up with a flexible game plan and adjust as needed because in the end, it’s all about enjoying (or for the experts – performing) your best on that day.

Have fun and be strong!