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Mobile Web App – Real Life Example

App scriptThis week in Google Developers Live Israel, we showed a live example of a mobile web app that is built in two ways. One we used jQueryMobile as our UI framework and for cases where we need to support IE we used bootstrap. All the code can be found on github. The nice aspect in this real demo is that we used google sheets are our ‘server side’ and since its got a cool way to publish their content to the web as RSS, ATOM, XML, JSON feeds we could work with them from the web/mobile apps. The three main elements we used are: Continue reading

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Debug NodeJS Like A Pro

NodeJS Debugging with Chrome

NodeJS Debugging with Chrome

Anyone who is building an application find out that, what is starting as ‘small project’, becoming very quickly bigger and bigger monster. You can use console.log on small projects but as they are growing you will need better tools. In the arena of “JavaScript on the server” there weren’t many tools to debug your code effectively. However, with the power of open-source projects like: Node, Blink and others there are few powerful ways to debug you code like a pro.

First, for the one that are a bit confuse about NodeJS. Well, it’s not a “JavaScript web server” but an environment to run JavaScript on the server. It is using V8 engine so the performances are very compelling. After using NodeJS inside Compute engine I got few questions about the debugging options. In the past, developers needed to use console.log and similar ‘printing’ commands in order to understand what is going under the hood of their script. But as we mention, when you get out of the area of 100 lines script and your application contain different modules and many more lines of code. You need a debugger (and hopefully other tools like profiler) in your hands. Luckily, we can use Chrome (=Blink) dev tools for your NodeJS applications.
Here are the main steps and the ways to leverage your new ‘hammer’. Continue reading

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HTML5 And Google App Script

App scriptIn our GDL-IL today, I’ve talked about a fun project I did in the past. It’s a single web page application that let you manage an event. We covered some of the basic components we used in order to built this site and then we jumped into the app script code and showed how to work with the online IDE that let you write, run and debug your server side code. The site gives you basic functions like: Continue reading