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WebRTC Updates

webrtc logoIn this week show on Google Developers live Israel we hosted Sam Dutton in order to hear what’s new in the land of WebRTC. What? Well, Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a collection of standards, protocols, and JavaScript APIs that enables peer-to-peer audio, video, and data sharing between browsers. We covered (with demos) the three primary APIs:

  • MediaStream: acquisition of audio and video streams
  • RTCPeerConnection: communication of audio and video data
  • RTCDataChannel: communication of arbitrary application data

It was a fun 20min talk with some very impressive demos. Here are few demos that show the power of getUserMedia API: Continue reading

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How To Present Your Idea (Like A Pro)

Can't get more London then that...This time it’s a 5min talk that comedian Don McMillan (more good stuff over his site) did back in 2008. It’s still very relevant with great tips on what NOT to do. Some points I took while watching him:

  • Less is more – reduce the amount of text on the slides to the minimum. Make sure you have an amazing slides (ya… get quality photos with the wow effect) that drive to the point you wish people to take from each slide. Images trigger emotion and since you wish to tell a story (and not flip slides) images are your friends.
  • If we touch the main point of ‘story telling‘, let’s go on it deeper because it’s (one of )the most important aspects. You want to tell an interesting story, provoke emotion and leave the audience with ‘something’ after you done talking. Most importantly, do NOT read what you wrote on the slides.
  • Reduce the amount of slides/text so the most important ideas will get the focus.