Google Search Updates

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Helping hacked sites reconsider – A successful reconsideration is the last step a hacked website owner will need to go through to let Google know the site is now safe for users. You can see what is the progress in the way Google handle these requests here.

Mobile – As of September 1st, Google updated the Mobile-Friendly Test to indicate that sites should avoid showing app install interstitials that hide a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page. The Mobile Usability report in Search Console will show webmasters the number of pages across their site that have this issue. If you have a site that is not connected to Search Console, I recommend you to connect it, it’s a great way to keep track on your site’s health and get important messages from Google.
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Pick the Right Tool #StartupTips

Which tool to choose?

What is the best tool to do X?

Over the years, I’ve learn that if you are using the right tools and really master them – You become 10x better at what you do. This post is a short list of tools that entrepreneurs, developers, designers and ‘startups people’ might find useful. It base on my personal experience, so (of crouse) there are many other good options out there. The best advice is to try few tools and see what is working for you.

Cloud Platforms

It doesn’t matter if you are building for the web or for mobile platforms (Android, iOS). In the end of the day, you will need a ‘server side’ and hopefully it will be on an infrastructure you can trust for: performance, scale, redundancy, security, easy of usage etc’. I’ve used the first three cloud providers in the list. I really like the power of App Engine. Although, you will need to work in the ‘app engine way’ and not your own. If you need certain capabilities that app engine is not supporting, I suggest trying one of the IAAS options.

  • Google App Engine – I recommend this option because it gives you great ways to focus on your product and not administrative server tasks. Another good option is Google’s infrastructure as a service in the name of Compute Engine that will give you the freedom to have a clean server to work with.
  • Rackspace – Got nice sets of options for hosting and deployments. I’ve used them in my last startup (HighGearMedia) and they had a good value proposition.
  • Amazon Web Services – The current leader of cloud computing.
  • Microsoft Azure – If you like MS technology stack.
  • Pivotal – Cloud Foundry is the result of an industry efforts to build an open platform as a service.
  • Heroku – Supports Ruby, Node.js, Python, Java, and PHP so you can use the languages you know.

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