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JavaScript Objects 101

The Object type represents one of JavaScript’s data types. It’s important stuff as we will use them—a lot.

It is used to store various keyed collections and more complex entities. Objects can be created using the Object() constructor or the object initializer / literal syntax. Did you know that all modern JavaScript utilities for working with objects are static?

Here is an example of a JavaScript object that contains two names and one key:

let obj = {
  name1: "John",
  name2: "Jane",
  key: "value"
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2015 Year Summary – Code, Books And Running

Overall, it was a very interesting and busy year. A quick overview on some of the fronts that kept me busy.


On the coding front, it was a year that the ‘progressive web apprevolution started. It will be interesting to see what developers will build during 2016. You can see the main projects that kept me busy on this blog (e.g. monetizationstartups, web forms) and on my project site. It always great fun to meet developers around the world that are passion on the same topics you are. Here are a few presentations that I gave.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.52.52 AM

I started to push the monetization efforts, both in code (e.g. like this demo or this article on Autofill) and with two courses with Udacity . Check out the courses, they both great (and yes – I’m totally objective on this one).


On the running front, I had the pleasure to run all over the world. From “down under” to Europe, San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, Paris, London and even in the holy land. On the cycling part, I had the pleasure to participate in 110mile event that few good friends in CA organized – It was one big loop, from Mt. hamilton to Livermore and back. There were also, a lot of good rides in Ben Shemen and other woods. Continue reading

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Israel’s Alerts – Mobile Web App Example

Alerts IL - mobile web app

If you wish to have a window on the side of your screen and/or leave your mobile device on a page that will show you an updated list of all the alerts (Tzeva Adom and others) – Here is a web app for you. It is based on Foundation CSS framework as it’s ‘mobile first ‘ and got a very powerful grid system.


Check out the Alerts-IL GitHub repo or the Google App Engine version.

If you wish to see the Android app code which is a simple native app that wrap the mobile web app.

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Mobile Web App – Real Life Example

App scriptThis week in Google Developers Live Israel, we showed a live example of a mobile web app that is built in two ways. One we used jQueryMobile as our UI framework and for cases where we need to support IE we used bootstrap. All the code can be found on github. The nice aspect in this real demo is that we used google sheets are our ‘server side’ and since its got a cool way to publish their content to the web as RSS, ATOM, XML, JSON feeds we could work with them from the web/mobile apps. The three main elements we used are: Continue reading

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WebRTC Updates

webrtc logoIn this week show on Google Developers live Israel we hosted Sam Dutton in order to hear what’s new in the land of WebRTC. What? Well, Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a collection of standards, protocols, and JavaScript APIs that enables peer-to-peer audio, video, and data sharing between browsers. We covered (with demos) the three primary APIs:

  • MediaStream: acquisition of audio and video streams
  • RTCPeerConnection: communication of audio and video data
  • RTCDataChannel: communication of arbitrary application data

It was a fun 20min talk with some very impressive demos. Here are few demos that show the power of getUserMedia API: Continue reading

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HTML5 APIs On Google Developers Live Israel

html5-cakeThis week we spoke about “Modern Web Applications Utilizing HTML5 APIs“.
Some of the things we covered:

  • Defining the modern web app
  • Designing a web app with a thought on all devices out there.
  • HTML5 Power tools/APIs
  • Google cloud endpoints and why it’s a great option to built your next powerful API.

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AngularJS 101 On Google Developer Live Israel

AngularJS-largeToday we had the pleasure to host Shai Reznik and talk with him on his true passion – AngularJS. Few of the hot topic we covered in this episode where:

  • Data binding is an automatic way of updating the view whenever the model changes, as well as updating the model whenever the view changes. This is awesome because it eliminates DOM manipulation from your todo list and it’s making sure to work efficiently with zero effort on your part.
  • Directives – How you can use today ‘Web components’ and see how it will be (fun and productive) to develop in the web platform in the near future.
  • Dependency Injection – Why it’s a powerful concept and how it can help you with managing large scale web apps and your testing.
  • Module – We spoke about the community around this framework and one of the by products is the modules that extend the options of which APIs and web services you can use directly from Angular. Continue reading
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Web Workers Intro On Google Developers Live Israel

Web Workers is a good way to improve the performance of your web applications. It’s not a new HTML5 API but for some reason not too many front end developers are using it. This short episode will give you the intro to why and how you can leverage this simple and powerful API to enter the world of multi threads in the browser. Continue reading