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How To Attract More Users?

As an app developer, the biggest problem you have is “How can I show my wonderful creation to every user possible?” and this isn’t as straightforward as “tell your friends”. Users today are informed, and use different channels to find, understand, and get apps.
Did you know that 3 out of 4 users do some kind of research before installing an app?!
So what is the problem?
Among all those informed users, how do you attract new, interested users that will generate revenue for you?
You don’t just want a ton of users, you want a ton of users who love your app.
So, how do you wade through the horde of less-than-interesting users, for the ones that truly matter? First, we need to see where users are searching (see the image below).

Where do you go to find users?


Second, we need to see what are good ways to find new users that will match our service (or app).

Three recommended methods

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Anrdoid In-App Payment That Works

mobile monetization example

The first video of “The Zen of Monetization” is out!


Well, it’s a series of videos I’m creating, in order to cover different aspects of monetization. The goal is simple: help developers earn more from their work. In the first episode, we cover how to use In-App Payments. It’s a brief overview that gives the macro view. We have in the pipeline few more episodes that will cover it in more details with (of course) code samples.
If you wish to get it as an article (and not a video) check this “Android in-app payments” post.

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