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Crypto 101 and a bit more

What is a blockchain?
Why is cryptocurrency the future of the finance world?
Below you can find a deck I was preparing for a lighting talk at ESGgo.
Since I got some positive feedback on it, I wanted to share it broadly.
Hopefully, you will find it valuable.

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Start with #web3

In the past two years, I’ve been fascinated by the rise of web3. 

As Albert (from union square venture) wrote:

It is difficult to overstate how big an innovation this is. We went from not being able to do something at all to having a first working version. Again to be clear, I am not saying this will solve all problems. Of course it won’t. And it will even create new problems of its own. Still, permissionless data was a crucial missing piece – its absence resulted in a vast power concentration. As such Web3 can, if properly developed and with the right kind of regulation, provide a meaningful shift in power back to individuals and communities.

Albert WengeR – USV

So let’s start with the first step. Get your wallet. You can think on the crypto wallet as a ‘browser’ to the world of distributed applications that lives in the #web3 world. I would suggest you to try a few wallets as we are still very early in this new frontier.

  • Hardware: I got the Ledger Nano X but another good option is Trezor.
  • Desktop: I like Exodus  and (of course) you need Metamask in your browser. Btw, Brave got a wallet as well but with Metamask it will be ‘easier’ to start ‘trying’ the NFT world as well.
  • Mobile: Exodus , Jaxx and/or Trust Wallet

🚨 Do NOT buy any hardware wallet from third-party resellers such as Amazon or eBay.
Only buy units from the OEM to ensure that you are getting a clean device.

Next, you wish to buy some tokens (e.g. BTC, ETH, SOL etc’) – You can do it in one of the exchanges below.

  • Coinbase – The easy way to get into the crypto world.
  • Gemini 
  • Binance.US – large number of supported coins. But sort of centralized solution.
  • Kraken – Decent staking options

Now, let’s create ourselves a ‘portfolio’ and watch the market:

  • – onchain metrics and market data. They got one of the best UX/UI.
  • CoinMarketCap  – a market data and news aggregator.
  • CoinGecko  – market data and news aggregator.
  • – All about NFTs: Artists, Developers and everything else.
  • – New crypto projects and some interesting conversations.
  • Bankless – A great analysis and discussions of ETH markets
🎨 NFTs marketplaces