Chrome 48 Updates And News

Google-Chrome-Canary-logoAs every six weeks (more or less), we got some cool & new features in Chrome. Here are few that I like for version 48:

Presentation API

This version of Chrome Android allows websites to present to external devices via Cast, increasing the form factors available to sites that want to present content. You can also present from your desktop with this Cast extension.

Custom buttons on notifications

Timely, personalized notifications save users the effort of manually checking for updates throughout the day and have enabled a host of new experiences from real-time communication to live updates on breaking news. Continue reading


Password Forms That Browsers Love

login form example

There are two types of common forms that you see every day on (almost) every website: Sign-up and Sign-in. If you want to improve your users experience and allow them to fill these forms quickly and efficiently, this post is for you.

You can help ensure that browsers’ password management functionality can understand your site’s sign-up, sign-in. All it take is a ‘touch’ of a change for your password forms by enriching your HTML with a bit of metadata.

Here are the rules to follow: Continue reading


High Conversion Web Forms

Cam and Ido - web forms course lead image

Last week, my new course “Building High Conversion Web Forms” was launch on Udacity. I had the pleasure to work with Cameron Pittman on this course and I hope you are going to like the outcome.

Let’s take one (I promise not two) step back, and think about forms. If you think on any meaningful experience on the web today, you will find out that it comes with a form. It might be a shopping cart, registration form, survey or even every login form. If it’s valuable, most probably it got a box that wish someone will fill it with information. Whether it’s a form made of text boxes, toggles, buttons, checkboxes, or touchable widgets, web developers need to be purposeful about forms to make users happy and increase conversions.

In our course, you’ll learn best practices for modern forms. It’s not just ‘watching’ videos. You’ll practice your skills along the way with a few self-directed projects, including an e-commerce checkout and an event planner app! As a special bonus, you’ll also watch a series of interviews with Luke Wroblewski, Google Product Director.

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Chrome, Design

Design Better Forms


Make your forms as short as possible. The best form is no form. If you must have ‘few’ fields, make sure you optimized for Autofill with the right autocomplete attributes. As you can see in the image above, it’s moving the needle, for real.
Now, if you have another 4 minutes, here are few points to think while you are designing you next form. Continue reading


Chrome, Firefox And Edge/IE Will Soon Drop RC4 Encryption

browser security

What is RC4?

RC4 is a stream cipher designed in 1987 that has been widely supported across browsers and online services for the purposes of encryption. Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in RC4 over the years, making it possible to crack within days or even hours.

It’s good news that all the major browsers are going to drop it and move forward to a better cipher.


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Find A Great Co-Founder

Startup thoughts on changeIn the past, I wrote about hiring for startups and raising money. It’s one of these things that you must do right. Hopefully, on the first try. It’s also, easy to say and really hard to do. There are a lot of things to consider and in most cases, it’s during a time that you are extremely busy with building your product and finding answers to daily fires.

If your core team is not a great one, your chance to build a great business is low. It’s important at the start, when you wish to find a co-founder that will be a good match. This post is aimed to founders and investors. It contains the aspects that I would look for. Continue reading


An Important Question To ‪#‎entrepreneurs‬

  • “Play long enough and you might get lucky – In the technology game, tomorrow looks nothing like today.”
  • “Remember that this is what separates the women from the girls. If you want to be great, this is the challenge. If you don’t want to be great, then you never should have started a company.”
  • …And the one that is true for a lot of other cases, not just startups: “The Struggle is where greatness comes from.”

The startup bridge

There is a lot more in Ben H. book: The Hard Thing About Hard Things.