Monetization Questions For Entrepreneurs #StartupTips

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“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge” – Thomas Berger

One of the critical times for startup is when it needs to define what will be the path to profitability. It’s a real challenge, and one of the ways to come up with the right plan is to ask the right questions.

A set of questions that could lead you in the right path:

  1. How do you define the relationship between ‘growth’ and monetization for your startup?
    Do we need to focus on one first?
    What is the mark to blend the two?
    Can we do both?
  2. What do you think about ‘starting a business’ and not ‘starting a startup’?
    The main point here is to get out of the ‘la-la land’ of startups that don’t need ‘revenue’ and look at the world of building a profitable business from the get-go.
  3. What other bold/good/recent startup(s) are executing a good monetization plan?
    Can we do something similar? Which parts of their plan we wish to test first?
  4. Are there several platforms that we can leverage in our monetization paths?
    In other words, if we are a startup that is building an application for iOS/Android.
    Can we also create an amazing web experience and enjoy it as another platform for engagement?
  5. How your purchasing process (or billing) is working today?
    What pitfalls other should learn from it?
    How you optimize it?
  6. Where are the gaps (or opportunities) in the current state of your online commerce?
  7. What are the top 3 action items that you can take in order to monetize your work better at this stage?
    This might be a great question to ask every 1-3 months.
    Moreover, you might want to keep A/B testing your actions.
  8. Any interesting trends you see in the market around your startup?
    What are the leaders doing?
    What other direct competitors are doing?
    What are indirect competitors are doing?
  9. Can we improve the usage of our analytics in order to gain more insights for our KPIs?

Good luck!


Chrome 45 New Features

google-chrome-logoTime flies!
Since my last update on Chrome 44 we had the chance to see the market crash and quite a lot of new features that were baked into Chrome 45.
The main improvements you should take a closer look at:

  • A set of new ES2015 features including:
  • SMIL is deprecated – to learn more please check out the discussion.
  • This (long time) bug is fixed.
  • Web Bluetooth is now available in Chrome OS 45.
    It’s still in Developer Preview and the team is actively looking for developer 

Chrome for Android Media controls
On Android, native apps can show media controls in a system notification when playing audio, making it easy for users to control audio while multitasking. Chrome 45 brings this capability to the web by showing a notification with media controls when audio is playing in web content. The controls will automatically show up when <audio> or <video> tags play audio longer than 5 seconds. It will look like this: Continue reading

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Sublime Text 2/3 – Packages And Shortcuts


I always start with the one package that allow to stay in sublime and improve it quickly:

Next on the line is the option to make our editor a bit more friendly with: SublimeCodeIntel It’s A full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine for Sublime Text. Few of the technologies that are supported:
JavaScript, SCSS, Python, HTML, Ruby, Python3, XML, HTML5, Perl, CSS, Node.js, Tcl, TemplateToolkit and (of course) PHP.
From here there are many options.
Few the I’ve found useful:

  • Git
  • Emmet
  • Terminal
  • ColorPicker
  • SublimeREPL
  • LiveReload – Make your life easier with this live reload ability. It will save you a lot of clicks on the ‘reload’ button (or cmd+r).
  • MarkdownPreview – I love markdown and this one is making me more productive with it.
  • JSLint – If you are writing some javascript, this one is a must.
  • DocBlockr – Create a new documentation block with a quick click. And yes, it will extract that function’s parameter information and pre-fill it in your documentation block. nice, no?
  • Soda Theme – just to keep up with the cool kids on the block.

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Make Your Web Forms More Efficient

Ido's payment formForms are the main ‘entry barrier’ to anything meaningful on the web. It might be a registration form, sign-up form or a shopping cart. In all of them, you wish to do the best in order to delight your users and lower the friction.
In the slides below, we will cover the best practices so your forms will rock.

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App Monetization Course #StartupTips

app-mon-imageIn the past year, I had the pleasure to work with  and the rest of the professional team in Udacity on a course that aim to help developers and entrepreneurs. There is no higher form of user validation than having customers support your product with their wallets. However, the path to a profitable business is not necessarily an easy one. This course blends instruction with real-life examples to help you effectively develop, implement, and measure your monetization strategy, iterating on the model as appropriate. In a nutshell, it will help you make money.

Go try it at:–ud518

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Chrome 44 New Features

google-chrome-logoChrome 44 is now in stable channel and there are many updates and improvements:

And there are a lots of other improvements and security fixes.

What is hot and new on the web?

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