How To Make Your Chromebook (Even) Faster?

Here are few tips to get your Chromebook to run (even) faster:

  • First, check if you don’t have too many tabs open – after all, if you open 217 tabs it might be ‘a bit’ too much for the memory. It’s like in any other computer, the memory got its limitations.
  • Go to: chrome://flags/ and disable all experimental flags – just to be on the safe side. Lots of them are not taking any ‘extra’ CPU cycles, but I like to keep things as trim and simple as possible.
  • Make sure you remove (or at least disable) unused extensions. You can go to chrome://extensions/ in order to remove them or just right click on their buttons.
    Of course, that some extensions like: LastPass and others here (on your browser) to stay. After all, there are some extensions that give certain users a lot of power that ‘worth’ the tiny bit of power they are consuming from the device.
  • Sometimes click on Shift-Esc to open the processes list. There you can remove/kill processes that are consuming too much CPU/memory.
If you got some other tips – please let me know with the comments here or on @greenido
chromebook 5

7 thoughts on “How To Make Your Chromebook (Even) Faster?

  1. My Toshiba chromebook version 1 run very fast about first 3 months. but now i can’t open more than 10 tabs at the same time. it will crash. I try all the tips above, but it doesn’t help. Any solution?

  2. Jacob Barth says:

    Thanks You are a life saver because i am a student and the administrator had us have chromebooks and it works much better thanks

  3. Liam says:

    Well my chromebook is almost a year old and for the first 3 months, it would run really fast. The model that I have is the Asus C-301-sa. Its not slow, but I can feel that it’s not as fast but not slow either. Is there anyway that I can keep my chromebook running in tip-top shape?

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