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Go North Innovation Event

The founder of Research In Motion talking about quantum computing research

The founder of Research In Motion talking about quantum computing

I’ve just finish to give me talk at the Go North event. The goal of this talk was to expose young entrepreneurs to the power of the web platform and how they could leverage progressive web apps in order to improve their businesses. It was very cool to meet with a lot of developers and entrepreneurs that are passion about the mobile web. One of the interesting questions I got was around AMP and PWA and how to bridge between them. Here is the detailed answer. The shorter version is that you want to start with AMP as a great first impression that you give your users (it’s all about speed!) and later stay engage/productive with PWA.
The two scenarios below tell this story in a nutshell.



Another good question was “How PWA can help a startup during its way to a product market fit?”. The main answer here is that the web platform (and progressive web apps) gives you as a developer a lot of power to test new ideas, do a/b testing and gain insights quickly. This is a huge advantage when you are in a progress to validate your product.

Overall, it was a great event with interesting talks and fireside chats with great founders (e.g. Shopify, Kik and more).


As you can see below, a lot of effort to be “green”. This guy is making a great espresso while generating all the power it needs.

A cool "Green" espresso bar

A cool “Green” espresso bar

Btw, you can follow on the event with this live blogging.


Be Strong!


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